Top 10 NFT Games October 2021 Like 'Axie Infinity,' 'Binamon,' 'Splinterlands' and More!
(Photo : Image from EmberSword Website) Top 10 NFT Games October 2021 Like 'Axie Infinity,' 'Binamon,' 'Splinterlands' and More!

With the raging popularity of NFT games and individuals realizing it's possible to make money off of these games, gamers are in search of the next big thing! With the whole "Axie Infinity '' situation, gamers realized that they had to be early in the NFT game and in order to join with a low entry price and make bigger profits later on.

Check Out the Best NFT Games October 2021:

1. 'Axie Infinity'

The most popular NFT game as of the moment is probably "Axie Infinity" with a massive player base and the reputation of being the most popular NFT game today.


2. 'Splinterlands'

This game might not be known to bring in those massive profits but so far, it is still considered one of the most consistent NFT games of today. The price and rewards of Splinterlands are relatively low which makes it an ideal game for those wanting to start playing NFT games.


3. 'Gods Unchained'

"Gods Unchained" recently received a $15 million in funding and although it is built on Ethereum, it still runs on the Immutable X making the gas fees lower.


4. 'Lost Relics'

This is one of the up-and-coming games that work closely like Diablo on the PC. This unique blockchain game might have not yet launched, but the noise about this game is already significant as a game that has still to launch this 2021.


5. 'Skyweaver'

While the game still sits currently in beta, the digital CCG from Horizon Games is also another exciting collectible card game that runs on the Ethereum Rinkeby Test Network. 


6. 'Decentraland'

For those that are attracted to virtual real estate, this game is just that. The game revolves in a decentralized virtual world that creates virtual real estate in the game's "metaverse."


7. 'Dark Country'

For those interested in the dark side of video games, this collectible card game is set in a gothic horror setting. Although it is still in beta mode, players can already enjoy trying it out and seeing if it can really rake in a profit.


8. 'My Crypto Heroes'

For those that enjoyed Final Fantasy and the whole turn-based RPG strategy approach, this game does just that. The NFT game uses the ERC-721 tokens and is mostly popular with its association with the EMONT alliance.


9. 'Blockchain Cuties'

For those that enjoy collectibles over action, "Blockchain Cuties" is quite similar to "Etheremon," "World of Ether," and of course, "Axie Infinity." Players can collect, breed, and fight with monsters called "Cuties."


10. 'Ember Sword'

Although this game has not yet officially launched and is estimated to release in 2022, the game comes from So Couch Studios and is set to be an MMORPG where players can play, collect, and trade cosmic actions.


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