Amazon's 'Alexa' Learns to be Patient with New Feature Allowing Users to Take Longer Asking Questions
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Amazon's 'Alexa' Learns to be Patient with New Feature Allowing Users to Take Longer Asking Questions

Not everyone asks direct-to-the-point questions, and this could make it hard for Amazon's Alexa to keep up. A new feature is now enabling Alexa to be more patient and wait longer for users to ask questions.

Is Alexa's New Feature Useful?

Some people just aren't that direct when asking questions to Alexa, which could make it quite inconvenient for some. The new feature gives users more time to be able to finish what they have to say before Alexa gives it an answer.

According to The Verge, Amazon has just recently added quite an important and useful feature to its smarthome enabler, Alexa. The new feature will give users more time to be able to finish a statement or question before Alexa gives users a response. 

Alexa New Feature for Speech Impediments

The feature could reportedly be very useful for those that wish they had a long time to ask Alexa something before they are cut off with Alexa's reply. Aside from more time, the feature is also a useful accessibility feature that can be used particularly for people that are suffering from speech impediments which could need more time to state something.

For those that want to enable this feature, the process has been made to become really simple. All users have to do is to head over to their Alexa app, search for the feature, and simply turn it on. Alexa is also getting a boy version, Ziggy, learn more.

New Feature for Android Alexa Users

The company has also reportedly added the ability for Android users to type certain requests in the official Alexa app. The app could also be handy for those that don't really want to use their voice in order to ask Alexa a certain question.

This, however, could be a boon when it comes to accessibility. The new feature was initially added to the iOS version of the Alexa app back in 2020 and is now in public preview for all users around the United States. Amazon's Alexa usually comes with interesting colors, here's a key to understanding Alexa ring light colors.

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Apple, Google, Amazon

Both Apple, as well as Google already offer similar functionality for their very own digital assistants as well. For those that might want more than just a long time but also a follow-up mode that allows users to ask follow-up questions without having to repeat a word, Amazon has a Follow-Up mode that can easily be turned on as well.

According to the post by Amazon, users need only to ask Alexa a few follow-up questions without having to repeat the wake word when they enable the feature on their chosen devices. For those that want to turn this process just like the longer time period feature, just head to the Alexa app and click on the Devices icon, click on Echo & Alexa and simply select the device. Choose the feature that is to be enabled and simply click on the on or off button.

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