Both Samsung Pay and Samsung Health are finally removing banner ads. With the importance of these apps, removing the banner apps would make using them much easier for Samsung users.

Samsung Removes Ads

According to a story by SamMobile, Samsung actually has quite an annoying habit of promoting its very own services across a whole smartphone lineup. While it is quite understandable on some particular low-cost devices, there is now still no legitimate reason for it to run certain ads on its high-end smartphones like Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

As of the moment, the worst part is that there is no option for users to switch off the said ads. Quite thankfully, Samsung has actually taken notice of it and is now in the process of disabling ads in a number of its apps.

Banner Ads Removed

Someone who posted on the official Samsung community forums in South Korea noticed that the banner ads on the popular Samsung Pay app are now gone. Similarly, Samsung Health will reportedly be rid of ads starting on October 1, 2021.

The same article from SamMobile notes that Samsung would also get rid of other Stock apps of its ads in the upcoming weeks. The decision is a bit overdue, given that fans, influencers, and enthusiasts alike have also lambasted Samsung for its very own egregious ads that mostly clog up the notification bar.

Only Applies to South Korea Firmware

As of the moment, it is important to note that the changes will only apply to the South Korea firmware. Sadly, users that are outside of the country will still have to wait just a little bit longer before they are able to enjoy a completely ad-free experience.

This, however, is still a step in the right direction, and users can only hope that the company gets around to it sooner than later. Learn how to remove ads from your Samsung Galaxy device and other Android devices.

Stock UI Apps

An article by GSMarena notes that Samsung's very own Stock UI apps showed ads for a number of years, and the company often received criticism for this. Samsung has reportedly promised that it will start removing ads from its very own first-party apps back in August 2021, as reported by The Verge.

The company has reportedly started doing so, beginning with the Samsung Health and Samsung Pay apps. This was officially confirmed in a recent reply on Samsung's very own Community Forum by the supposed Samsung Health Manager.

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Samsung Pay and Samsung Health

Users that are in South Korea can now use both Samsung Pay and Samsung Health completely free of ads. A number of other Samsung Stock UI apps are all expected to remove their ads. Samsung has been focusing on health features for Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, and Gear Sport.

The article notes that they are personally excited to have their ads removed from The Weather Channel App for Samsung by IBM, which contains a number of junky ads. Users coming from the Community Forum have reported some improved experience of the Samsung Pay App that includes faster loading times as well as quicker payment times which are finally ad-free.

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