Learning to play an instrument is a lifelong dream of many, and this pandemic, it has been a little harder to secure a good teacher who is willing to go house-to-house for a more direct approach. Music has always been a part of life and culture, with people growing up appreciating different kinds or types of music from various instruments.

One of the most popular is percussion, and it brings more of a traditional hold on things, as it came from banging objects to make a sound. Drums are now a different kind of instrument and are very well known for having a discipline behind them. While it may seem like something that cannot translate to the modern world, well, you are mistaken.

MOPLAY Smart Drum D3
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Electronic drums have been available for a long time now, and they are excellent in replicating the experience and sound, but mind you, it is not quite exact. And while it lacks the overall experience of the drum set, it can prove to be a helpful tool, especially when you feel like playing the drums in the middle of the night.

That being said, all hopes are not lost as a new device from Moplay that is under Kickstarter funding is now in play. This is the company's Smart Drum D3, and it features an electronic drum kit with rubber mesh pads that resemble that of the legitimate traditional drums, for all the needs a person would require for their ensemble.

Moplay and the Vision of Music for Everyone

The creatives of Moplay aim to provide equal opportunities for everyone to learn and enjoy the experience of playing at least one musical instrument. This start-up consists of musical experts who continuously update their software to achieve the said goal while encouraging music aficionados to lay a hand through pledges and donations for further development. The Moplay's Smart Drum D3 is a product that garnered positive reviews, and the company aims to deliver the best smart drum in the market for an affordable price. Here it is:

MOPLAY Smart Drum D3
(Photo : MOPLAY)

Moplay's Smart Drum D3: Your Drum Set Without the Hassle

Drop that smartphone app you use for a drumming experience; the pro is here to debut.

The wooden shells of the bass and snare drums and the metal cymbals sure look the best in a room, but if space is a problem, it is time to go electric. The Smart Drum D3 is a drum for beginners and professionals who intend to produce the sound expected of drum sets and more.

Yes, that is the drum set for you; thus, users need not worry anymore about learning how to play it or purchasing a pricey drum set, especially if you are only starting. Several musicians are also switching to electronic drums, and some of those are already smart drums which also help enhance sound.

Speaking of smart drums, the Moplay Smart Drum D3 is not limited to professionals, and it is very welcoming to beginners who have no background knowledge of playing the percussion instrument. For some, electric guitarists or bassists are popular, but others root for the ones at the back, giving a rhythmic beat to the song.

MOPLAY Smart Drum D3
(Photo : MOPLAY)

Smart Drum D3: What Makes It Good?

Moplay's electronic drum set does not stop at being a drum that you only strike, following a particular set that you found online or taught by a friend. It has a lot of features that can be utilized to explore the art of percussion and bring a person to a point where they can improve their skills from beginners to advanced or even experts.

Output Device for a Worry-Free Drum Session

First off, one of the most notable features here is that users can plug it into an audio output device. This means that players are given the luxury to play the instruments without disturbing their family, neighbors, or community.

Just plug the earphones or headphones, and they are good to go until the break of dawn.

Moreover, it only has a dimension of 47.24 x 47.24 inches, which is a tiny space to occupy, and it is not bad for a professional drum set experience.


Beginners do not have to worry, as Moplay Smart Drum D3 brings several interactive exercises that can teach the basics to advanced lessons regarding the discipline and art of the percussion instrument. Nevertheless, the Moplay Smart Drum D3 would not push a person to madness, like J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller's film "Whiplash."

In addition to that, there are several drum games and rhythm games included, and they challenge users in bringing out the best they can in terms of playing the percussion instrument. Sometimes, being stuck with particular knowledge of doing things is bad for a person.

With the help of this drum for beginners, users can sharpen their skills in playing the drums and discovering things that they do not know they are capable of.

MOPLAY Smart Drum D3
(Photo : MOPLAY)

Updated Songs and Library

Sometimes, all a person needs is a song that they can vibe to and play with a drum game so that they can enjoy their drum experience a little better. And that is not limited to Moplay's Smart Drum D3, as it brings an update to its music library, with as much as 10 songs per month.

This means that the electronic drum kit is here to accompany you despite not having friends to play along with and still enjoy the experience of playing the instrument.


One of the key things that makes this device great is that it is affordable and enjoyable, like a typical rhythm game for a person without paying a premium price. Most people say that electronic drum kits are as expensive as the real ones, while some are even more so.

However, that is not the case with Moplay's Smart Drum D3, as it still gives off an affordable price at a quality high-end mesh hitting rubber, completing the experience.

MOPLAY Smart Drum D3
(Photo : MOPLAY)

Moplay Smart Drum D3 Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Space-saving
  • Sleek design
  • App integration
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Can be for professionals
  • Massive library of songs to play and jam with
  • Can use any drumsticks
  • Easy integration with the app
  • Music output for earphones, headphones
  • Promotes artistic flexibility
  • Complete drum set experience


  • It May be hard to integrate with, at first
  • It would feel weird at first, especially if coming from acoustic drum sets to electronic

With all these features for a sure budget-cut compared to other smart drums in the market, Moplay Smart Drum D3 delivers the complete musical experience you can expect from an electronic drum even with all the limitations that could possibly hold you back.

Even if you are not skilled, or if you can't spare too much space for an instrument, or if your environment does not allow a good drumming session in the wee hours of the night, Moplay Smart Drum D3 got you covered.

Drumsticks ready, own your stage, and jam with the latest hits! Own a set now and enjoy the drumming experience of a pro.

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