FaceTime with friends is now possible with the latest release of Apple's iOS 15. Before, only limited Apple devices could use the platform, but now, users can access online video calls in Windows and Android.

Apple has made sure that all available users could test the app regardless of the browser or gadget being used this time. If you want to get started with these changes, here's how you can start and join FaceTime calls even on non-Apple devices.

FaceTime Calls: How to Start One?

How to Start FaceTime Calls | Join Video Calls From Non-Apple Devices
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Here's how you can start FaceTime calls with friends, as well as join them using non-Apple devices.

According to Wired's report, users who want to use FaceTime should still need an Apple device such as iPhone or iPad to load the app. To get started, open the application on any Cupertino-based device that you have.

To engage with a contact, you can now tap the "Create Link" option, so there's no need to use your email address or phone number anymore. From this option, you can begin adding the name of the individual that you want to initiate with.

Just copy its link to the clipboard, and it can now be opened using other messaging apps. You can share it anytime since it would still appear on the front screen of FaceTime.

Upon receiving the link, the participant/s can now join the FaceTime video calls. What's good about this is no security requirements such as passwords. Once you're in a call, you have the power to approve the incoming call requests from other people. Also, the links will remain as-is unless you remove them by choosing "Delete Link."

Clicking the respective link will direct you to a FaceTime call. You will be notified once a person wants to enter the ongoing call. This means that you will be alerted to all visitors who want to interact with you.

 How to Join FaceTime Calls

The good news for non-Apple device users is you can participate in FaceTime calls now. By tapping the sent link, you will be directed to a web browser that you are using. At the moment, FaceTime can only allow users to join using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers.

To join FaceTime calls, you need to have a recognizable name to your friends. Again, you are not required to have an Apple ID. Remember that you need to allow the mic to operate on your browser to initiate the calls.

After that, tap "Join" to enter the meeting. You will now be connected to a FaceTime call. From the browser, you can also have the option to turn on and off your camera and microphone.

The non-Apple devices still have a long way to go for FaceTime since they are still not allowed to share documents or screens with other participants. If you want to exit the call, you can simply click "Leave."

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Is FaceTime a Good Video Calling App?

Tom's Guide included FaceTime as one of the best video chat apps in 2021. While it might not be the best one on the list, the platform could allow a maximum number of 32 users in a room.

Somehow, it's always good to be careful when using apps. Sometimes, unnecessary issues could be encountered, like a creepy bug involving random group calls from unknown people.

You can also check how to screen share on the app using a Windows PC for more FaceTime-related articles.

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