Facetime Android Will Work Via Link | No iMessage in Sight?
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Facetime Android Will Work Via Link | No iMessage in Sight?

Facetime Android will become readily available for Android users with a simple use of a link! Why is this not the same with iMessage? Can users expect an iMessage android version some time in the future?

Facetime Android Version

According to CNN, the iOS 15 noted that users of different operating systems will actually be able to join the Apple user through FaceTime calls when sent a link by the Apple user. The announcement noted that FaceTime will be included in a number of software updates for most Apple products compatible with iOS 15.

The announcement was officially broken to the world during the recent WWDC 2021 held on June 7, 2021. This move, according to CNN, is quite unusual for Apple which leaves the rest of the world to wonder, will access to some of the other popular Apple apps expand as well?

Apple Opening Up Exclusive Apps

Apple's long term appeal, although sometimes potentially inconvenient, has actually been exclusivity. This means that buyers will get access to high-quality products, software, and other benefits only when they will buy Apple gadgets.

FaceTime, however, looks to be going a different route as there are actually benefits of letting certain non-Apple consumers use the products, according to industry analysts as noted by CNN. A statement was given regarding the change in Apple approach when it comes to the exclusivity of some of their products.

Apple vs. Google or Facebook

Senior research analyst at DA Davidson Tom Forte gave a statement saying Apple now seems to be more willing than before to open up a number of services outside of its own hardware ecosystem as some sort of way to drive adoption. This is also a way to compete more effectively against a number of tech giants as well like Facebook or even Google.

The success of Zoom during the pandemic could have shown Apple that there is revenue potential if they decide to open and overhaul Facetime, according to Forte. Outside of this, the move could be designed to potentially help along with Apple's strong antitrust woes.

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Why Apple Won't Make iMessage Android

Senior equity analyst at CFRA Research, Angelo Zion, noted that it actually puts them in a much better light when it comes to a regulatory perspective. It was stated that the more inclined Apple is to open up the ecosystem to yet another external party, the better the outcome will turn out to be.

There are, however, some limits as to how far Apple would go when it comes to openness. The limits could include yet another one of the most popular company apps, iMessage. iMessage is reportedly beloved by iPhone users due to the wide range of different features that go past basic SMS messaging. 

This also includes the ability for users to react to text messages and even see when their friends are typing. The app also provides end-to-end encryption so there is no way for the company, or even anyone else, to be able to view the users' conversations.

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