Magic Leap is back with the "Magic Leap 2" AR Headset that was made possible by a $500 million funding that helped the company make another version of its wearable tech. It follows the controversial device of 2020, which has not made a significant entry in the market to match the industry giants of augmented and virtual reality.

The first-generation AR Glasses from Magic Leap has been a controversial one, especially as it has been expected by many to bring the many features of the "future," which has not lived up to the hype.

Despite the promises and many promotional offers of the company, several comments on the product have been pointed out to dismay, especially from Oculus's Palmer Luckey.

Magic Leap 2 Announced after $500m Funding

Magic Leap has announced that it has received $500 million funding from investors for its next venture for its augmented reality glasses (AR) that has initially been released last 2018. It would be intended for Magic Leap 2, a device that would succeed the original Magic Leap AR Glasses, promising a better integration to the tech device.

The AR company promises a better device now, something that would focus on bringing new features for the public, and it would be a lighter and more technical device compared to its last release. Magic Leap's career on AR is not yet over, despite the many disputes it faced and hardships that it went through while trying to debut its tech.


The Verge said that it initially involved a lot of challenges for the company, including that of laying off almost 1,000 employees in 2020, and of course, their device not meeting expectations it has setup.

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Magic Leap 2 for 2022

Magic Leap 2 AR Glasses
(Photo : Magic Leap)

The Magic Leap 2 is the latest outing of the company, and it would succeed the first release from 2018. It would still focus on an augmented reality feature, bringing a better device, according to the company. Magic Leap said that this device would be the smallest and lightest AR glasses in the industry.

The popularity of Magic Leap 2 has excited several fans and users with the AR glasses, but it still leaves some skeptical of the new device, especially with regards to its previous release.

AR Glasses: Magic Leap's Take

Augmented Reality is a way to integrate the real from fictional and the tangible from the non-tangible. And while AR helps in bringing the digital aspects of technology to real-life situations or cases, it is fairly a different or new take in visual technology, especially as AR is bringing more than virtual reality.

Magic Leap aims to change the game, especially with its devices and its "second chance" for the 2nd AR Glasses it would release in 2022. There are no specific details with regards to it, but the company promises a better field of vision, integration, and design.

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