How to Prevent Nintendo Switch OLED Burn-In
(Photo : Image from Nintendo Website) How to Prevent Nintendo Switch OLED Burn-In

The Nintendo Switch OLED display is the latest offering by the company that brought in the hip new handheld gaming device. The Nintendo Switch OLED, however, could be prone to some problems like burn-ins.

Nintendo Switch OLED Display

According to Android Headlines, the new Nintendo Switch OLED is quite a tempting little handheld device thanks to its new display touch. The OLED display, however, is not immune to burn-ins which is a problem that is not uncommon for OLED screens.

Although it does generally come about as a result of users leaving the screen on for way too long on a particular image when it comes to Nintendo Switch OLED, think about leaving the display on even without a sleep mode enabled then coming back to it after a few hours.

How to Prevent Burn-ins for Nintendo Switch OLED

This is precisely the thing that owners of the Nintendo Switch OLED do not want to do. The good news is that this sort of problem is significantly preventable. This means that users can avoid any burn-in issues as long as they pay attention to Nintendo's warnings.

An article by The Verge reports that Nintendo does include some really useful information and other tips on how to avoid this particular issue. The first is that users should not disable the default sleep mode setting on the given console.

Tips to Avoid Nintendo Switch OLED Burn-Ins

This would allow users to ensure that the display will go to sleep after certain intervals in order to avoid keeping the same image on the screen for long periods of time. It is important to note that Nintendo states that the fix is to "minimize the risk" and not really prevent it entirely.

With this in mind, buyers should be fine with users taking the necessary precautions. The other thing that the company mentions is to actually just not display the exact same image on the screen for a long period of time. An example of this is the home screen.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Sleep Mode

If certain default sleep mode settings are still left enabled, this, however, won't really be an issue. It is important to note that image retention is yet another thing users have to be aware of and watch out for. 

Nintendo's official warning notes that by leaving the device's default sleep mode enabled, users will be able to minimize risk. There is an option, however, of going the extra mile and giving the console a break if users start to see the image retention pop up. One way to do this is by keeping the display brightness down or avoid using the device at its highest brightness setting for a long period of time.

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