Acer's upcoming new gaming monitor is likely on its way to the stores. The computer electronics company is set to launch the Nitro XV2 display, which features a fast refresh rate on top with its 1440p resolution.

Acer Nitro XV2 Could be the Fastest Gaming Display

Acer to Release Nitro XV2 Which Boasts Lightning-Fast Refresh Rate with 1440p Resolution| Features to See
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Acer is preparing to unveil its upcoming gaming monitor next month. How good is the Nitro XV2 in terms of refresh rate and other features?

According to a report by Digital Trends on Wednesday, Oct.13, the Acer Nitro XV2 features a 300 Hz refresh rate. While we know that the 360 Hz is better than it, it's still a top-notch monitor for gaming.

For RPG lovers, this gaming display could be your preferred monitor for shooting. Apart from the fast refresh rate, you could experience a 0.5 millisecond response time through this accessory.

The fact that Acer relies on a WQHD monitor speaks volumes for the fans. This means that you can achieve a resolution of 2550 x 1440. So far, the majority of the regular gaming monitors only feature 60Hz to 240Hz refresh rates.

On top of its impressive resolution and refresh rates, it would come with an IPS panel. The Acer Nitro XV2 will sport a 27-inch screen as well that is certified by HDR 600.

When a gaming monitor is HDR 600 certified, this means that it is a high-quality screen that is packed with features such as good color reproduction, ideal brightness, and more.

With all these characteristics, Acer Nitro XV2 is expected to be a shocker for gaming monitors. Its visual capabilities are guaranteed to be of high quality.

Acer Nitro XV2 Price and Other Details

Despite its impressive features, such as high refresh rates, Nitro XV2 is surprisingly lacking NVIDIA's G-Sync. However, it still houses AMD Free Sync Premium compatibility.

Upon connecting this Acer monitor to your Pc, you can obtain many perks, such as Acer Vision Care 3.0 software that is suitable for brightness adjustments. Another one is the Display Widget for the adjustment of your screen colors.

For the price of the Acer Nitro XV272U KF, you don't have to overthink it. Tom's Hardware reported that it costs $1,099.

Acer has not yet disclosed the exact date of Nitro XV2's release, but we could expect it to be available by next month for North American markets.

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What to Consider When Buying Gaming Displays

In August, we wrote a guide about choosing the best gaming monitors for your PC. For this article, we noted that users should consider important factors such as refresh rates, response times, and panel types, to name a few.

Speaking of gaming monitors, you can also check the Gigabyte Aorus gaming display, which features a 4K 48-inch OLED screen. Here's the reason why it is one of the best go-to accessories for gamers:

  • HDMI 2.1 port on every monitor

  • 48Gbps of bandwidth

  • 144Hz refresh rate

  •  120Hz OLED display refresh rate 

  • 1ms response time 

  •  Three options for sizes

  • 99% Adobe RGB

  • 150% sRGB color gamut

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