Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Monitor: 4K 48" OLED Display and Why It's Good for Gaming
(Photo : Screenshot From Aorus Official Website) Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Monitor: 4K 48" OLED Display and Why It's Good for Gaming

For those in the market for a new gaming monitor, Gigabyte's Aorus has developed something that could be attractive to gamers. When it comes to gaming monitors, size isn't the only thing. In the end, it really is the performance that matters. However, what if players could get both the size and the performance that they want?

Gigabyte Aorus 4K Gaming Monitor Specs

The popular gaming brand, Gigabyte's Aorus has just launched its first range of 4K gaming monitors and has packed as much high powered specs as possible that gamers could really enjoy. A professional gamer knows exactly how important a gaming monitor is. Aside from the unit itself and a good GPU to boost its graphics, without a good gaming monitor, games won't be able to unlock their full potential.

The gaming monitor comes with really good specs especially since it is a 48" gaming monitor with OLED display. Packing these much high powered specs into a large monitor can be quite tough but Gigabyte Aorus has been able to make a pretty powerful 4K gaming monitor that's also massive in size.

Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Monitor Specs

  • Every monitor is equipped with the HDMI 2.1 port

  • The gaming monitor is capable of delivering a whopping 48Gbps of bandwidth

  • The gaming monitor is able to achieve a whopping 144Hz refresh rate

  • The gaming monitor is able to achieve 120Hz refresh rate for its OLED display

  • Comes with a 1ms response time to create smoother and stutter-free images

  • Available in three sizes: the 32-inch, the 43-inch, and the massive 48-inch

  • The gaming monitor also features 99% Adobe RGB

  • The gaming monitor also features 150% sRGB color gamut that is capable of 10-bit color depth

The specs were provided by AcquireMag and it shows just how this massive gaming monitor is capable of providing some pretty high-end specs to those gamers that enjoy those chunky AAA games. While this monitor might not be needed for older games since they won't be able to take up its full potential, it might be good to have especially if the players are into competitive gaming and cannot afford a couple of milliseconds lag.

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Auros Gigabyte Monitor Specs

The Aorus Gigabyte 4K monitors are really making waves and for those that might not need the massive 48-inch gaming monitor, there is an option for the smaller 32-inch monitor available with the same high-powered specs expected. Although the prices haven't been revealed, normally, a smaller monitor would be more affordable.

For gamers that might not need the massive 48-inch gaming monitor, the smaller 43-inch gaming monitor and the 32-inch gaming monitor could be a better pick. Another problem with massive gaming monitors is the size that it requires. For those working on a smaller desk, it is important to make sure that the monitor fits before purchasing it. The official Aorus website shows the gaming monitor's tactical advantage.

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