Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is now confirmed by Microsoft, making the recent meme a reality. Before this announcement, the giant tech developer decided to create a bigger version of the popular refrigerator with a popular console's external design. 

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Meme Now a Reality! Pre-Order Date, Storage Feature, and Other Details
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @IdleSloth854)
Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Meme Now a Reality! Pre-Order Date, Storage Feature, and Other Details

"What started as a viral meme became a life-size reality when we created the world's first-ever, fastest, and most powerful Xbox Series X Fridge, a 6-foot, 400 pounds, 1:1 scale replica of our beloved console," said Microsoft via its official blog post.

But, the gadget creator said that it would not end there since they would soon release the mini version of the Xbox Series X fridge. Microsoft also said that the new Xbox Mini Fridge would arrive this coming holiday.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge's Details

Xbox's official YouTube channel already confirmed the arrival of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge. The teaser was posted last June 14, generating more than 4 million views.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Meme Now a Reality! Pre-Order Date, Storage Feature, and Other Details
(Photo : Photo by Ian Gavan/Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Xbox UK)
In this image released on November 10th Xbox launches the Xbox Series X in the UK with a spectacular holographic installation as a gamer looks on at One New Change on November 7, 2020 in London, England.

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Now, Microsoft's official Xbox Wire post confirmed that the most-awaited console-based refrigerator could be pre-ordered this coming Oct. 19. The giant tech firm also thanked Ukonic, which is its main partner in the development of the miniature fridge.

Thanks to their efforts, consumers would now have a whole new meaning for the popular "Xbox and Chill" phrase. If you are one of the interested buyers, here are the specific features you need to check.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge's Features

The new Xbox-based mini fridge offers LEDs and surface features, which are really similar to the popular Series X gaming gadget. 

Consumers can put up to 12 cans of their favorite beverages inside the matte-black refrigerator tower when it comes to storage capacity. Aside from this, the new Xbox Series X Mini Fridge also has a USB port at its front, allowing you to charge your smartphone and other devices. 

Microsoft announced that this new product would be available at Target for $99.99. This offer would be provided to U.S. and Canadian consumers. Those who are residing in the United Kingdom can pre-order the new mini fridge via GAME. 

Meanwhile, Game Stop EU is expected to offer the new Xbox Series X Mini Fridge to fans in Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, France, and Poland. 

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