Twitch Assures Users that No Passwords or Login Credentials Leaked After Massive Hack Expressing That They are 'Confident'
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Twitch Assures Users that No Passwords or Login Credentials Leaked After Massive Hack Expressing That They are 'Confident'

After a recent massive hack on Twitch, the company now expresses that it is "confident" that no user passwords or login credentials were leaked. The massive hack drew headlines while Twitch is investigating what happened.

Twitch Releases Statement on Breach

Twitch has just recently revealed a brand new statement that denies the severity of a breach that took place some time earlier this October 2021. The popular gaming platform reiterated that the recent incident was caused by a certain server configuration change that then allowed improper access by certain unauthorized third party actors.

According to ZDNet, Twitch passwords were not exposed during this breach, even stating that they are "confident" that the systems storing Twitch login credentials, which are reportedly hashed with bcrypt, were not accessed by the hackers. The company notes that neither were the full credit card numbers or other ACH/bank information were accessed.

Twitch Shares Review of Exposed Files

The company noted that exposed data actually mainly contained documents from Twitch's very own source code repository and a subset of other creator payout data. The company shares that they have undergone a thorough review of the information that was included in the exposed files.

Twitch says that they are confident that it was only able to affect a small fraction of users and that the customer impact remains minimal. The company states that they are now contacting those that have been directly impacted by the hack. The revelation of the top 100 Twitch streamer earnings leak saw the highest at $10 million.

Hacker Leaked 128GB of Twitch Source Code

A certain unknown hacker previously leaked the entirety of Twitch's source code which was among a 128GB trove of data on October 6, 2021. The data also included creator payouts that go back all the way to 2019, certain proprietary SDKs, and the internal AWS services that are being used by Twitch.

This also includes the company's own internal cybersecurity red teaming tools that were used. While a lot of the press attention now initially focuses on the eye-popping revenues that was brought by certain Twitch streamers, this now concerns over the privacy and security of every single Twitch streamer in the days after the attack.

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Experts Warned Twitch Streamers

Experts reportedly warned that all of the Twitch streamers would need to take immediate actions in order to protect their bank accounts and even themselves from a potential wave of attacks by some opportunistic bad actors. Twitch had eventually announced that it was going to reset all of the streaming keys and directling streamers to this particular website for the new stream keys.

The unknown hacker that is behind the attack also claimed that it was due to the platform's lackluster response to certain complaints regarding harassment. This also included the topic of what gamers call "hate raids." Twitch has officially issued a statement on "hate raids" after a bit of time to formulate a response.

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