BoostSwap's Highly Anticipated Free Limit Order Feature Is Live On The Boost DeFi App
(Photo : BoostSwap's Highly Anticipated Free Limit Order Feature Is Live On The Boost DeFi App)

The developers of the smoothest, user-friendly exchange, BoostSwap, is launching their new app, Boost DeFi, in the very near future. With the anticipation of Boost DeFi, the rest of the Boost ecosystem is flourishing. Holders of Boost's native token, Boost Coin, are rising fast with a "get in while you can '' approach. Even celebrities like rapper The Game and singer-songwriter Tory Lanez recognize the immense potential for Boost DeFi and the Boost ecosystem overall. Both artists recently tagged Boost Coin in their tweets and instagram stories urging followers to invest in Boost Coin quickly before it is too late.  

It's no doubt that Boost's expert development team, community and partnerships play important roles in their success. The Boost developers have been active in the blockchain space since 2014 and have completed several projects with billion dollar market capitals. It's safe to say this isn't their first rodeo. The Boost community already has over 6,000 paid subscribers and currently over 4,000 Boost Coin holders. 

Boost DeFi will be the first app to have their decentralized exchange, BoostSwap, built directly into the app. BoostSwap is similar to other exchanges like UniSwap and PancakeSwap. Boost developers utilized the best components of their competition minus the issues that troubled them. BoostSwap is a cleaner and faster version of competitors that offers users a more secure, rapid and user-friendly swap. 

In addition to BoostSwap, the app will include staking, wallet, news, educational tabs and limit orders. The highly anticipated free limit order feature is currently live and provides a simple and user-friendly method to execute price targets so participants can go about their day and not have to be glued to their screens for transactions. Simply input the amount you're willing to spend or the amount you wish to receive. Taxes and gas fees will be deducted out of proceeds to ensure the transaction doesn't fail and users are able to cancel orders easily should they choose to do so. The swap will automatically execute once the target price point is matched. 

This is merely the beginning for the Boost community. Soon users will be able to utilize the Boost DeFi app as a one-stop-shop for swapping, conducting limit orders, staking, news and more. Lanez tweeted some congratulatory words to the Boost team after the limit order feature went live

"I TOLD YALL !!!!!!! Congrats to the whole @TheBoostCoin team on the release of their free Limit Order function! Now y'all can buy dips in your sleep. Just set it and forget it. BoostSwap officially dominates Uniswap. Game over."

You heard the man. The early bird gets the worm, so get in while you can. 

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