Google Down, Gmail Down, YouTube Down, Here's What the Company has to Say
(Photo : Image from Benjamin Dada on Unsplash) Google Down, Gmail Down, YouTube Down, Here's What the Company has to Say

Google is down, Gmail is down, and YouTube is down. In this rare occurrence of events, three of the biggest sites on the internet and most downloaded apps--both Android and iOS-- are all down.

Google Services Down

According to the story by, Google's service was hit by outages. Users were reporting problems across its different products. YouTube, Gmail, Google Meet, and other Google-owned services were all hit by the same problem. This was according to users as well as Google's own status pages.

For those who aren't aware, YouTube is no longer a separate entity from Google since the company purchased it for just $1.6 billion, according to TheRinger. The website was reportedly purchased all the way back in 2005.

YouTube Worth $500 Billion in June

According to the story by ContextIsKing, in June, YouTube was worth $500 billion, which is over 300 times the original price that Google bought the company. As to the current issue, YouTube was also down during the time Google and its other services were down.

Google then noted on its status dashboard that they are investigating an issue affecting users all across multiple services. It was noted that this outage would reportedly affect a number of users in Europe.

Google, Gmail, YouTube Down

The issues, however, did not affect all users. There were reportedly some users that have not been affected by the outage and were still able to get online and access Google, Gmail, YouTube, and other Google services.

Google has reportedly described the problem as "disruption" instead of an outage. This suggests that the company believed the impact of this whole problem to be limited. As of the moment, it has not been confirmed as to how many users were reportedly affected by this outage.

Demand for Google Services

The hard thing about this outage is that Gmail and other Google services have been integral not just for personal usage but also for professional purposes as well. Due to the whole hybrid, word-from-home setup, the usage of Google services has been integral to the function of most businesses.

As of the moment, there is also no confirmation as to how wide the problem has stretched, with users reporting problems on different fronts. The noted that DownDetector found the issues starting at around 8:44 BST.

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Percentage of Reports

The publication notes that while the reason for this outage currently remains unclear, of those who reported this issue, about 49% noted that they were struggling with a server connection. Aside from server connection, it was stated that 30% had problems sending out emails.

These weren't the only issues reported, as 21% were reportedly struggling with the website itself. It was noted that a lot of users reportedly got the 502 error message when they tried to access their own emails.

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