PS5 restocks expected to pour soon this week. More consoles are reportedly arriving to select retailers from Nov.15 to 21. The anniversary aftermath of PlayStation 5 still lingers, and this is a good sign that more drops are taking place in the next few days.

If you are thinking ahead of the Black Friday deals, it's worth checking this article about some PS5 retailers in your location.

Indeed, Christmas is in the air with these PS5 restocks that you need to see right now. 

Stores to Visit For PlayStation 5 Drops This Week

PS5 Restock November 15-21: Walmart, Sony, and More Retailers to Drop Consoles This Week
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Here's the latest list of the retailers that could possibly drop PS5 stocks from Nov.15 to 21. Read here to check where you could score the next-gen console.

According to a report by Gaming Intel, prominent stores such as Sony and Walmart are rumored to be dropping consoles starting Monday, Nov.15. It will be a week-long celebration for those who have missed the last PS5 stocks courtesy of the invite-only event.

Amazon PS5 Restock

Over the past week, we haven't seen any available drops on Amazon. For this week, we assume that this retailer will finally go live after a three-week drought of console restocks.

If the supplies will not arrive until Sunday, Nov.21, it's possible that it will drop PS5 stocks in the following week. It's a perfect period ahead of the Black Friday sales, which are hugely anticipated by many buyers.

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Target PS5 Restock

Apparently, we do not see Target dropping PS5 consoles this week. Last week, we saw that it launched minor PS5 sales, which was a big surprise to the fans.

The popular retailer would be taking a break for a while. If we are lucky enough to hear a word from Jake Randall, a restock insider, we could conclude the possible schedule for the next drop.

Recently, Target teased its new PS5 advertisement, which would hint that a huge Black Friday sale could come at an unexpected date.

Last week, Target had reportedly struggled on its PS5 restocks following the cancellation issues during the anniversary of the next-gen console, as per Comicbook.

According to one customer, she just placed her PlayStation 5 order on her car through Target's website. Unfortunately, she missed the PS5 drop in a split second. 

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Walmart PS5 Restock

Walmart went live last week two times but the event was only exclusive for those who were Walmart+ subscribers. For this week, the store has little chance to release its stocks for customers.

Just a friendly reminder for Walmart buyers: you can secure your PS5 purchase when you sign up at Walmart+ for a month. This is your best card to score a PlayStation 5 for the upcoming holiday. It's an exclusive deal for members only.

Sony PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock

Sony held a lot of restocking events over the past weeks, but there's a catch here: the invite-only event. Before it goes live this week, you should learn how to become an eligible person for the Direct invite.

Best Buy PS5 Restock

The retail giant is preparing to roll out a big sale for its Xbox restocks this week. This is a good sign that we could also see a surge of PS5 consoles at this huge restock event.

The expected PS5 restock on Best Buy could likely happen on Nov.15, but it would only be available for the members. Visit the store's website for more details about its TotalTech membership.

If you want to check more PS5 restock locations outside the US, you can read this article so you can obtain the elusive console in Canada and the UK, as well. There's also an additional set of tips here that you can follow when buying the digital and the standard version of PlayStation 5. 

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