PS5 restocks on Argos are expected to come before the weekends.

Unfortunately, the store will postpone taking orders this time. The original date for console drop is expected to be rescheduled soon.

Argos PS5 Restock is Not Happening

According to T3's report, Argos held its last PlayStation 5 restock last month, Oct.27. At that time, the popular insider PS5 Stock U.K. revealed that the retailer would be restocking once again in the next few days.

For United Kingdom consumers, Argos is regarded as one of the most trusted stores to buy the next-gen console. Many believed that its service has been improving over the past months. Currently, its popularity falls behind Amazon U.K. and Game.

For regular customers of the shop, be mindful that obtaining PlayStation 5 here could be tricky. There are times that you can miss the restock even for a minute. For instance, its stocks could quickly go from 1,000 to zero in a matter of seconds.

Usually, the most common time of PS5 drops on the retailer happens from 8:00 A.M. BST onwards, so you need to be an early bird online. 

Apparently, the latest update from Express indicated that Argos would not release stocks for PS5 this week. Besides it, the expected arrival of the consoles on John Lewis will also not happen. It was moved at a later date of Nov.25 to 26.

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PS5 UK Restock: Shops to Check For Potential Drops 

Again, Express reported hot spots across the United Kingdom where you can check to see if there are stocks for the next-gen gaming gadget. The tech site listed the following shops that you need to visit right now.

Amazon U.K.

The Disc version is currently available on this retailer. However, there's a catch for that one. Amazon highly prioritizes those who are Prime members. This means that they will be the first to receive notifications and access to PS5 restocks in the shop.


If you are having a rough time searching for the console, you might try going to GAME which offers bundles beside the regular PS5. There's more to check here, including gaming accessories and other stuff.


PS5 UK restock will not be complete without the participation of Currys. This retailer is well-known for distributing orders through a VIP code. Hopefully, PlayStation 5 stocks will come here soon.

B.T. and E.E.

Your plan of obtaining PS5 is one step closer with B.T. and E.E. Apparently, PS% code is required before you get the console that you desire.

If the previous retailers only allow the customers to buy the usual way, A.O. relies on the conventional online route if you want to place your order. There are several things to see in this shop once you go online shopping.


ShopTo can send you alerts if they have available PS5 restocks at a particular time. Don't forget to visit its website for more details.

Expect Difficulties in Getting PS5

Recently, Sony said that it will cut PlayStation 5 production as 2022 approaches. The reason behind this change is the ongoing global chip shortage that is currently affecting several tech companies around the world.

In the U.S., Sony Direct took place at 11 A.M. EST. The stocks sold out faster than expected. 

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