UK-based Fintech Disruptor, Samuel Leach hits Gold
(Photo : UK-based Fintech Disruptor, Samuel Leach hits Gold)

Finance and Technology have forever been entwined, but Algorithm Trading and Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances, and applications, are making technology more profitable than ever before in human history. In November 2021 London Trader and Fintech disruptor, Samuel Leach, of Samuel & Co Trading secured a 7 figure deal to win his share of the profits of this fast-emerging sector. 

Samuel is no stranger to Fintech commentators, having been recognised as the  7th Top Fintech Disruptor in the UK, and one of Yahoo Finance's Top Traders To Follow in 2020. This is after establishing himself as a finance YouTube and Instagram influencer on the back of a successful Trading career, whilst still only 30. 

Sources close to the Millionaire Trader, Author and Educator, state that Samuel has completed the deal to develop a high-spec Trading Algorithm for one of Europe's fastest growing investment firms. This is in addition to an agreement to retain his services for future algorithm development. Leach's twin specialisms of logic-driven turnkey investment strategies and algorithm development perfectly align with the AI-driven direction of travel for the Finance sector and markets. 

Coding, program development and trading, operate through a defined strategy that is tested and applied with precision. Human factors like emotion and exhaustion have no place within these approaches. That is why AI is so perfectly suited to the financial markets, as well as other professional sectors. Correctly programmed AI can discern market trends and act within seconds to implement its programmed approach, as well as process data from multiple sources and determine its impact within the integrated global financial system. Trading Algorithms cannot be developed without specialist input, however, which makes Samuel such a valuable commodity in today's 'Algo' trading market. 

Samuel started trading whilst still at university in 2013, securing a role at one of the UK's leading private banks shortly afterwards. He then went on to become Founder and Director of Samuel & Co Trading to specialise in algorithm development and trading. He has specialised in Foreign Exchange (FX) and Equities trading, having built successful algorithms to operate both on the Pound Stirling: US Dollar exchange rates and the US Stock Markets and the Dow Jones in particular. 

Samuel explains that not only can algorithms trade without direct human supervision, but they also support trading by overcoming the information deficit to make the correct calls, in particular identifying entry and exit points. Having identified the correct strategy and triggers, whilst providing assurance through enhanced risk management, algorithms can operationalise strategy at critical points significantly faster than by manual traders. Hedge Funds are a particular growth area for 'Algo' trading, however, the advantages of AI are evident for all players within the finance sector triggering an explosion in demand.

This in part explains why the global market for 'Algo' trading is expected to grow at a rate of 10% CAGR over the next 5 years according to some commentators, including Businesswire. Meanwhile, Allied Market Research indicates $32.49 billion will be secured through 'Algo' trading by 2028, with a focus for the sector in the US. 

AI as a whole will rapidly occupy space in all areas of life, and there is no doubt it will radically impact people's lived experiences between now and the middle of the 21st Century. Nowhere is this more so than in wealth creation. There should be no surprise if more deals of this scale and magnitude emerge in the coming years, but Samuel Leach's 7 figure deal concluding in early November 2021 is a clear sign of the direction of travel for Fintech. 

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