Apple Hints at Their Self-driving Electric Car Project Launching in 2025
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Apple is expanding its vehicular ambitions to hint at their driverless electric car project launching in 2025.

The largest and most popular electronic and software company will finally offer wheels to their customers. The twist? It's completely driverless. A source says the project is going through major development and will be targeting a release in 2025.

The Development of Apple's Electric Car Project

Apple is no stranger to project releases. In 2010, they attempted to put forth their first vehicle. After years of attempts and developments, Apple is now leaping onto another task; to develop an electric car.

Rumors about the ongoing project erupted when the company hired distinguished names in the electronics industry. Back in April, Apple hired Christoper Moore, Tesla's former autopilot software director.

Another report that fueled the rumor is the negotiation between their team and Kia, LG Electronics, and Kia. The deal among them, however, did not reach the public eye.

Then, from the earlier reports of The Verge, Apple was in talks to obtain Canoo as they also hired one of their co-founders. Note that Canoo is one of America's startup electric vehicle manufacturers.

Regardless, no information could testify to their plans.

That is until Apple's new director and software chief, Kevin Lynch, hurries to debut an unknown product in 2025. 

Bloomberg reports that this 'unknown' product is a confidential autonomous electric car named Titan. 

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Everything We Know About Apple's Self-Driving Electric Car

So far, the Titan was not the only product Apple prepared. What will make the car driverless is a processor that will power the vehicle.

Bloomberg says Apple designed a chip, to what they coined as "the most advanced component" in the history of their project development. 

Over the years, Apple has only explored two options in developing their vehicles: a model having limited self-driving abilities, like Tesla's, or a model with full self-driving capabilities. 

Now with the help of their processor, Apple settles on their second model - an autonomous car with no steering wheel.

The Project Titan will have designs similar to the spacious seating styles of a limousine. Apple will also parade their own iOS by installing a large touchscreen display in the style of an iPad for their electric cars. 

Apple's Hope for their Electric Car Project

In light of recent news from insiders, Apple's ideal self-driving electric car project remains ongoing. The reports only had a few glimpses, and it's still unknown what other developments they will employ.

There are a few grounds to consider for Apple before the launch in 2025. Alongside reported chips and designs, safety is the number one priority. 

As of the moment, the company is seeking engineers to develop and test safety functions. 

One job listing stated, "The Special Projects Group is seeking an accomplished mechanical engineer to lead the development of mechanical systems with safety-critical functions."

Apple's silicon team is preparing to test their chip in California vehicles to make room for "stronger safeguards than what's available from Tesla and Waymo," the report said.

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