Android is likely to further understand iPhone's iMessage reactions at a better rate in the near future rather than simply relaying the reaction as a mere text.

Android Likely to Understand iPhone’s iMessage Reactions in the Future—Here’s How
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A person holds an iPhone showing emojis in Hong Kong, on October 30, 2019. - Apple has put out new gender neutral emojis of most of its people icons -- including punks, clowns and zombies -- as part of an update to its mobile operating system. The tech giant has offered growing numbers of inclusive designs in recent years, putting out a range of skin tones and occupations, with Google's Android publishing its own non-binary faces in May.

Android and iPhone's iMessage Reactions

As per MacRumors, a built-in messaging app for iOS and Mac gives its users an option to react to a message. It is similar to the functionalities of the Messenger app of Facebook, which is now Meta.

The Apple messaging app allows its users to leave reactions, such as a question mark, an exclamation, a thumbs down, a thumbs up, a heart, and a laugh.

It is to note that these reactions are not limited to messages that were sent via Apple's iMessage feature.

In fact, its users could also leave the said reactions to messages coming from Android devices or what Apple users see as "green bubble" messages.

However, some users of the Apple devices did not know that Android users only get a mere text describing the reaction.

For instance, if the Apple user sent out a double exclamation reaction to an Android user, the latter will get a text saying that it was "Emphasized."

Instances like that could make it even more awkward if the Apple user left a heart reaction as Android will only interpret it in a text that says "Loved," followed by the actual message.

Things could get a little bit weird for Android users who are not familiar with iMessage reactions as Google only interprets it as a mere text.

Android Likely to Understand iMessage Reactions

However, it is about to change, according to some of the digging that 9to5Google did to the code of the latest beta of Google Messages.

The latest findings of the said news outlet suggest that iMessage and Android will have some kind of cross-compatibility, at least in terms of reactions.

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Google Messages Code and iMessage Reactions

The latest beta of Google Messages now includes a code beneath the preference menu of the app that clearly wrote "ios_reaction_classification."

The straightforward code found inside the Google Messages beta app is followed by a text saying, "Show iPhone reactions as emoji."

However, 9to5Google further noted in the same report that it is still unclear as to who will Android translate the reactions from iPhone messages.

The news outlet went on to speculate that Google Messages could instead show an emoji instead of the current plain text as a translation of the iMessage reaction.

Although Google has yet to confirm any updates regarding iMessage reactions, the code could likely suggest that the tech giant is working to better visualize it in the future.

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