Battery backup power supply is common nowadays, and most of them are portable and run on clean energy, so using them will give users convenience and peace of mind. Solar Generators are also seen in most households. It gives assurance to users that even if there would be a power outage or a sudden need for outdoor power supply, they would have a reliable power source.

Most users think that the bigger the power generator is, the better. Well, not really. Efficiency and power capacity is no longer for the colossal. Technology has developed portable and efficient power stations regardless of size, such as the product of VATID.

VATID Portable

VATID has developed its portable power station to have massive capacity despite its light load and built. It delivers the same power compared to other brands with heavier or bulkier designs. This makes the device advantageous over competitions like Jackery, another famous brand in the portable power station industry.

Furthermore, this solar generator brings top-notch features like the MPPT function and controller that can fast-charge the power station with solar power. You don't have to wait a long while to recharge your generator with the sufficient power capacity you need.

Going out to camp or the so-called modern take on this -- glamping -- does not have to be powerless as VATID offers everyone a chance to enjoy lightweight and powerful connectivity and power anywhere. Also, it works as a backup power battery generator that brings fast charging at any time and any place.

VATID Portable Power Station Review


The VATID device can be brought anywhere because of its small size and low weight. The space-saving design of the portable generator makes it an ideal device that one should own and bring to their camping trips or simply keep at home.

One notable thing that the VATID power station brings to the table is that it is made for portability and many uses and is not limited to one use. Glamping is a massive thing now, and not everyone can let go of the essentials they enjoy at home to bring camping.

Solar Power Station is common nowadays, but VATID's MPPT Function and advanced controller ensure a better PV recharging rate that promotes faster charging times under the sun. It means that the electric generator would be recharged at its max power to speed up the entire process.

VATID's competitor in the market now is Jackery's Explorer 500 518W Power Station, and there are significant differences between the two. One of which is the size and weight, which gives VATID an edge as it focuses on a lighter load overall.


It means that it can help in better portability, and it outputs more power with its 600W output, compared to Jackery's 518W capacity. Moreover, the design made by VATID is more compact, and it would not take as much space in storage compared to its competitor.

Rotating blackouts are a hassle, and it could disrupt one's usual process, as well as work and online school. The device can also power the WiFi connection at home and act as an emergency power supply for lights, as unexpected happenings like blackouts occur often. Emergency power supplies are a must now, as you may need them even when you least expect.

Fast charging should cater to both input and output. VATID's MPPT Technology is beneficial to the electric generator because it can easily be recharged to its max power, speeding up the battery charging process when using solar panels.


The power station can be charged as fast as 3.5 hours with the 95W wall adaptor, as well its ability to handle 60W of power via its USB-C PD port  simultaneously, for replenishing it rapidly. It is a massive contribution to modern gadgets.

Using it is more cost-effective and environment-friendly than the traditional gas-powered generators, which are also noisier than the VATID power station.

The design is functional as well, especially with the buttons that control the output of the power it generates, helping in proper power allotment to specific ports to ensure that no energy is wasted. Additionally, it also has a phone holder that can be utilized to keep a device upright for watching videos while charging near the station.

From outdoor power tools to portable power stations, VATID brings efficient solutions to create a comfortable living environment and exceptional outdoor experiences for people.

VATID Portable Power Station Features

VATID Portable Power Station Features
  • Large Capacity but Compact: 518Wh power capacity, its weight is just 10.8lb.
  • 53% Charging Time Saving: VATID 600W solar generator is equipped with advanced 155W High-Speed Recharge Technology, which takes only 3.5 hrs to recharge 100% battery of the portable power station through 95W wall outlet and 60W USB-C PD port simultaneously. Recharging speed is much faster than any solar power station whose capacity is the same as ours on the market.
  • USB-C PD Support INPUT and OUTPUT: Support fast charging and recharging.
  • MPPT Technology-Faster Solar Recharging: VATID solar power generator is equipped with the most advanced MPPT controller, which ensures better PV recharging rates when using the solar panel to recharge this camping generator.
  • Clear LCD Screen for monitoring the power station status: The LCD is quite clear for monitoring the battery's power source and operation status.
  • More Energy-saving & Safer: The power station features 2 Pure Sine Wave AC outlets, which can protect sensitive devices by producing clean & stable electricity. A newly upgraded 5th generation battery management system massively improves the safety level. Different buttons are embedded in the battery generator to control different outputs. Turn on outputs you need and turn off others to reduce power drain and extend the using time. Separate output is designed for your safety, preventing electric shock.
  • Other Features: Compared to competitors with capacity and wattage lesser and smaller than VATID, the size of this power station was decreased by 50%, and the weight was reduced by 30%. There is no noise when the power station charges the electric device whose wattage is lower than 100W. Its colorful appearance brings you in a good mood. The handle of the power station can be used as a phone holder. With its unique phone holder design for the VATID power station, you can charge your phone and watch video simultaneously if you need to.

Why Choose VATID Portable Power Station?

Choose VATID


  • MPPT Function for Fast Charging Solar Input
  • Portable and space-saving
  • Many functions for different appliances
  • Massive power capacity to keep your devices running all day and night
  • LCD Screen for better integration
  • Solar Charging for further charging options
  • Save time on charging the device for fewer costs
  • Lightweight at less than 11 pounds
  • USB-C Charging for Modern Devices
  • Can be used for most appliances with a specific power rating


  • Limited colors (Yellow and Red only)
  • No USB-C option to charge the device
  • Can do better with LED Display
  • Needs a Power Adapter for other kinds of sockets

The device is an all-in-one need, and what more do you need to ask for? Use it as a battery generator for home blackouts, a camping generator (without the noise, of course), and a solar powered generator for all needs.

VATID's power station is also small in size and lightweight -- a power-packed device that features fast charging at any time.

Sure, the VATID Portable Power Station has a few cons, but that does not defeat its massive pros list that proves what the device has to offer, bringing plenty of functions to address a person's needs.

VATID is a bang-for-the-buck compared to its competitors because it is lightweight. No other companies come close to the power it brings with the portability that gives it an edge over Jackery.

VATID Portable Power Station Pricing

VATID Portable Power Station Pricing

The portable power supply offers an experience like no other -- a device from VATID that provides everything for a person's power needs. Moreover, it can be used for plenty of applications and will surely not be stuck as a one-time use only.

The power station has a small size for its portability features and would surely not be a bother because of its lightweight design. Its fast charging feature is also extraordinary and will answer your specific needs.

VATID brings a solution for all outdoor needs, and its portable power station is the answer for a backup power supply that can be used even at home.

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