When setting up a wireless network, the utmost thing that a person should consider is the range of the WiFi signal. In some cases, a weak WiFi signal could be infuriating to a user, especially when he/she is doing online tasks.

If the coverage of your WiFi is poor, it needs an immediate solution of exploring the other parts of your house to extend its range. To boost your WiFi signal, there are certain tricks that you can do so you can finally say goodbye to a weak connection.

Reasons For Extending Your WiFi Range at Home

How to Extend Your WiFi Range at Home: Effective Hacks that You Should Try
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Boosting WiFi Signal

According to NetSpot App, there are three reasons why you should extend the coverage of your WiFi at your home. 

Insufficient Signal: Whether you want to strengthen your WiFi signal at home or the office, there are unforeseen issues that you can encounter when you connect to your internet. Be mindful of the number of devices connected to your WiFi since more people using it will mean that it could slow down at any time.

WiFi Network Planning: Before establishing an internet connection, you need to plan if it would have good coverage thoroughly. Sometimes, this is the root cause why your signal persists to be poor. The lack of planning contributes to the poor coverage of your WiFi.

Change in Requirements: If many people connect to the WiFi, you might need to extend its range by increasing the number of connected devices.

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Hacks that Will Increase Your WiFi Coverage

How to Extend Your WiFi Range at Home: Effective Hacks that You Should Try
(Photo : Thomas Jensen from Unsplash )
How to Extend Your WiFi Range at Home: Effective Hacks that You Should Try

PCMag listed 10 effective ways to improve your WiFi signal at home. From the easiest method to the complicated ones, here's everything you need to know if you want to optimize your WiFi coverage.

Wired Internet Connection: Running an internet speed test is a go-to method to test if your WiFi is fast enough or not. If there are problems during the wireless experiment, you might try to check the wired connection. Certainly, there is certain equipment you should upgrade to extend the WiFi signal at home.

Router Firmware: Another trick to do is by updating your router. Look for third-party firmware that will give you advanced networking options. It could be hard for non-tech people, but it is worth the wait.

Optimal Router Placement: Not all homes have similar WiFi distribution since others have a particular part in the house where you can experience fast signals. To boost your WiFi signal, stay away from obstacles that could block it, such as books, shelves, walls, and others.

Router Channel: Choosing the right channel for your router could be challenging. Other than that, you should prefer the least occupied channel that will favor your usage. If the automatic option is not working for you, you could opt for the manual selection of channels.

WiFi Leechers: It's indeed annoying that unknown intruders could connect to your WiFi. Since you are competing with them for the signal, it's better if you will kick the unwanted devices that are connected to your WiFi.

Antenna Replacement: Old router antennas should be replaced after some time since they tend to become weaker as time goes by. Purchase a new antenna from a store to maintain a strong connection inside your home.

Use WiFi Range Extender/Mesh: For faster internet connection, we recommend you check the best WiFi Mesh networks that will help you achieve smooth surfing. Of course, these next-gen accessories will not come at a low price, yet it would guarantee seamless WiFi coverage within your house.

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