Android TV Manager Solution: Key Features and Benefits
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With the increasing popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, TELCO operators are turning to Android TV for their set-top box needs. The operating system can provide content alongside over-the-top (OTT) offerings which means customers don't need an additional device if they want access to both types of media on one platform, thereby saving money on monthly subscriptions while also cutting down on clutter taking up valuable shelf space.

In addition, Android TV allows smart television sets to run apps that provide even greater functionality. When paired with powerful Android TV Manager software to remotely control, perform updates, collect insights, receive alerts, configure, track and lock devices via a single interface, TELCOS, operators, and providers are assured their devices are always ready and optimized.

Android TV is making notable inroads among TELCO operators worldwide: it's currently the operating system of choice for more than 160 TELCO operators. In 2011, nearly 88% of all US households subscribed to a pay-TV service. Ten years later, that number is now down to 65.3%. AT&T, DirecTV, and DISH are among those expecting Android TV's many features to reverse the current trend of decreasing pay-TV services.

Legacy Set-Top Boxes Just Won't Do Anymore

Android TV Manager Solution: Key Features and Benefits
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The way we consume media has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Consumers want on-demand programming through apps or online streaming services. Voice command functionality is a must. Integration with other smart devices in the home such as lights and audio devices are great add-ons.

There are now several different devices that allow users to stream content from the internet onto their televisions without the need for costly equipment rental or installation services. This means many consumers are looking for new ways to access programming.

With today's generation of consumers, delivering content is just the beginning of the challenge, and in a world where cable and satellite television is quickly becoming obsolete, legacy set-top boxes are on their way out too. Telco operators can choose to bite the bullet and develop the software system themselves. In most cases, this means partnering with device manufacturers. Of course, developing a proprietary system isn't just expensive, it's also time and resource intensive.

Creating a new platform means time and money upfront... and lots of it. Instead of going for a complex R&D venture, TELCO operators can opt to join the growing number of companies using Android TV as the operating system for their set-top boxes and smart TVs. Android TV comes with all Google services preinstalled, complete with streaming services apps, voice controls, and personalized recommendations. In addition, TELCOS can elect to go for Android TV Operator Tier, which allows them to add white labeling to the operating system. TELCOS can integrate their brands into the user interface, modify the boot sequence, and manage user accounts.

Like TELCO operators, many smart TV and set-top box manufacturers are also leaning on Android TV moving forward. This includes major brands such as Phillips, Sony, NVIDIA, TCL, SHARP, Xiaomi, and Hisense.

Think of it this way... Google has already invested a considerable amount of time and resources into developing Android TV to meet consumer and operator expectations. What then is the point of reinventing the wheel?

Why Having Android TV Manager Is Important

Android TV Manager Solution: Key Features and Benefits
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TELCO operators often bundle products to offer added value to customers, with smart TVs and set-top boxes provided at cost or even for free. Why? A modest investment can pay off long term, as bundled promos often reduce customer churn and make customers sign up for longer plans.

As a result, the Android TV system installed on these devices usually requires an occasional update to the latest version. The device's firmware will also need patches or updates every now and then. Apps that come from the Google Play Store will also need some periodic maintenance and updates.

While these devices remain company property (at least until the lease contract or installment purchase concludes), TELCOS will have to assume responsibility for the upkeep, monitoring, and security of these smart devices. Providing a powerful and reliable Android TV Manager can help guarantee that devices are up-to-date and running optimally.

Legacy Diagnostic Solutions Don't Work as Well

Relying on default software that uses outdated protocols can create some inefficiencies for a TELCO's IT team. Using legacy protocols such as TR-069 can sometimes even prove counterproductive.

While hardware-based TR-069 protocols remain a major network diagnostics solution, they often lack the ability to provide in-depth diagnostics. TR-069 is very specific hardware-dependent. With many TELCOS offering plentiful options in terms of modem and smart device hardware, getting them all to work in sync using TR-069 is next to impossible.

A Turn-Key Solution to Manage Every Smart Device

Radix's Android TV Manager is an all-in-one solution that handles the maintenance, security, monitoring, and reporting tasks necessary for today's Android TV devices. With Radix Android TV Manager, TELCOS only need one integrated solution to remotely access devices, update software and firmware, send and receive alerts, generate usage reports, and secure devices.

Radix developed Android TV Manager as the perfect complement to fleet devices issued by TELCOS, operators, and providers, so you can stay on top of your Android TV device fleet (including Android AOSP and Google TV). Proprietary technology, a lightning-fast communication layer and a powerful backend all combine to provide an effective turn-key system to manage Android TV-powered smart devices such as TVs and set-top boxes. More importantly, Android TV Manager eliminates the need for legacy protocols such as TR-069, rendering it a robust and reliable platform that can help manage thousands of Android TV-based devices effectively and securely.

Radix Android TV Manager: Major Features

Android TV Manager Solution: Key Features and Benefits
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Radix Android TV Manager provides key features that set it apart from legacy diagnostic software. These features give platform users the necessary tools to perform diagnostics, updates, security, reporting, and analytics.

Cloud-Based Remote Access

Radix Android TV Manager operates on a cloud-based system, allowing it to instantly connect to and access thousands of fleet devices in its network. Cloud-based systems also ensure that administrators and IT teams can log into the system from anywhere during emergencies.

Powerful Management Layer

This tailor-made solution has a powerful management layer that can maintain secure connections during monitoring and maintenance processes. Tools and services are readily available to any device in need of immediate updates, rollbacks or repairs.

Multiple Access Level Assignments

Use Radix Android TV Manager enables to create and assign various access levels based on defined responsibilities. IT admins will have complete access and overriding abilities. Management and sales/marketing can access reporting features and collect information. Low-level maintenance teams can perform routine maintenance tasks without the need for accessing usage data or user information.

Proactive Security Measures

Administrators can monitor fleet devices and check if there they are being used for other purposes outside of those in the user agreement. The powerful security measures built-in to Radix Android TV Manager allow the IT team instant access to override any attempts to change settings or launch unauthorized applications. In addition, security personnel can lock or freeze units that are physically outside their geolocated assigned area. Admins can automatically wipe all data in selected devices when there are attempts to breach units and steal user and/or usage information.

Analytics and Reporting Functionality

Device and user data often provide greater insights than surveys or reports. Each smart TV or set-top box contains actual, measurable data that marketers, salespeople, and managers can mine for insights into what users want and what needs improving. The Radix Android TV Manager platform features powerful analytics that can weave individual device information into consolidated statistics that can turn into actionable data.

Radix Android TV Manager: Features and Functionality Breakdown

  • Take remote control over devices for assistance
  • Centrally manage apps, OS settings and updates of all devices
  • OTA firmware update, time-based, triggered and automatic
  • Install applications and updates on all devices remotely
  • API integration with CRM and 3rd party management systems
  • Simplify batch tasks and simultaneous workflows
  • Apply and enforce policies and regulations
  • Group and tag devices according to predefined criteria
  • Create Geo-fences and device location perimeters
  • Broadcast alerts and notices to all or selected devices

Benefits of Radix Android TV Manager

Android TV Manager Solution: Key Features and Benefits
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Using a cloud-based device management solution to securely access fleet devices remotely provides numerous benefits to TELCO operators and their IT teams. Operators can realize significant savings in time, resources, and field service costs.

Here, Radix Android TV Manager offers the following key benefits:

Fast Time-to-Market

With Radix Android TV Manager there's no need for expensive hardware rollouts or fieldwork assignments. Services can be deployed in less than a week! Admins can quickly set up access levels and secure connection protocols and then proceed to assume monitoring maintenance and security tasks.

Low-Level Device Management

From OTA firmware management to ad-hoc support, Radix Android TV Manager can perform these tasks remotely. Admins can choose to update devices individually or in batches.

Reduced Time on Support Calls

Enhance customer support and satisfaction (as well as saving time and money) by reducing the length of support calls and avoiding unnecessary onsite visits. Remote access facilitates automatic updates, maintenance services, and screen control-allowing support staff to work alongside the user (view, touch and take over). Enable remote terminal access for real-time debugging, analyze logs in real-time, request user confirmation for support, and much more.

Add New Capabilities, Features, and Modules

Need to adjust system settings, add new scripts, modules, or install new features? Radix Android TV Manager allows these functions to be performed remotely. Conversely, if some software installation causes problems, admins can easily roll back to earlier stable versions of the software.

Reduce Subscription Abuse

Radix Android TV Manager enables remote monitoring with geolocation and geofencing that triggers alerts when users go beyond their device use and location agreement. Admins can also determine if users are making unauthorized transfers of devices to different households or to locations outside of the service area. Companies are empowered to warn abusive subscribers or remotely turn off or freeze devices immediately. In addition, account managers can also use remote lock features to disable devices held by delinquent subscribers.

Keep Your Fleet Devices in Top Condition

Android TV Manager Solution: Key Features and Benefits
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With the proliferation of Android TV devices, device management is becoming an industry standard. Whether it's for ad-hoc remote assistance or streamlining operations, legacy protocols such as TR 69 are not enough. Collecting insights, sending scripts, and performing OTA updates may take days or weeks for the entire fleet. With Radix Android TV Manager, do things instantly on a single device, group, or the entire fleet and be specific to apps/features/patches/settings.

When deploying Android TV devices, it is critical to have a complete support solution that can effectively monitor, maintain and secure devices remotely. Radix offers a complete management solution-from set up and configuration to updates and monitoring-so you can harness the full potential of your Android TV devices and give your subscribers a more engaging and enriching experience.

The Radix team knows how important it is to have a reliable IT partner who understands your needs. Learn how our all-in-one, cloud-based device management solutions can help manage your Android TV fleet devices by visiting today and registering for your free trial.

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