Amazon Alexa
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Editor's note: A spokesperson from Amazon reached out to us. In our previous report, we mentioned, " you can tell Alexa to call Amazon Pharmacy and your request will be automatically forwarded." 

However, Amazon spokesperson clarified customers could call AP "to connect with an Amazon Pharmacy customer care representative. The CSR will be the one to answer questions on topics like prescription status, account, billing, and also drug information and side effects."

Amazon Alexa
(Photo : Reet Talreja / Unsplash)

Alexa just expanded its sound detection; it can now respond to beeping appliances and running water, plus will provide easier prescription refills for Amazon pharmacy customers.

Amazon Alexa's Additional Sound Detection Features

For starters, Amazon's Alexa can already detect sounds, starting with the 'Hey Alexa' voice recognition. Alexa is already capable of answering questions asked vocally by users.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced its plan to allow customized sounds. Basically, it means users can program Alexa on what sound it can recognize.

"Alexa can then use this to automatically perform actions like turning off your Fire TV if it was still on when you left for work," an Amazon spokesperson stated. They termed it as "Ultrasound Occupancy Routines."

The company also added that they experimented with sound detection, including teaching Alexa how to detect babies crying or snoring. 

Previously in its 2018 and 2019 updates, the voice assistant is already equipped with the ability to detect glass being broken and smoke alarm sounds, which is automatically forwarded to Alexa Guard feature.

The customized sound recognition isn't up for users to program just yet.

Recently, Amazon added two new sound detections that you can add for Alexa to recognize. The new feature includes being able to detect the sound of running water and even appliances making beeping noises.

Now you can set up a sound routine for Alexa if you want the voice assistant to detect the chime of your appliances. For example, setting up the sound of your washing machine. Once Alexa detects this, it will automatically send a notification that the machine has turned off.

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Amazon Alexa's Prescription Refill Skill

Aside from the expanded customization for its sound detection routines, Alexa also made prescription refills a lot easier.

The prescription refill skill is available for customers subscribed to Amazon Pharmacy. 

If you're an Amazon Pharmacy customer, just say "Alexa, refill my medications" when you need the replenish your medicine. Consequently, Alexa will offer you updates on when your request for medication refill will be delivered.

Additionally, if you're in need of medical assistance, you can tell Alexa to call Amazon Pharmacy and your request will be automatically forwarded.

In the past, the request to refill made through the voice assistant is only available to the customers of Giant Eagle Pharmacy.

More Updates for Amazon's Alexa?

The changes described by the company in its monthly roundup reserved for November also mention the rollout of 'Conversation mode' in the U.S. The conversation mode will allow you and Alexa to engage more in a conversational tone.

Moreover, the conversation mode will be available for third generations of Echo Show 10 in the US. The feature will only need you to say "Alexa, join the conversation" and you will only speak naturally with the voice assistant without the wake word "Hey Alexa."

Amazon continues to work on making Alexa be more than a voice assistant, starting with these new features about to be available to you.

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