Alexa to Auto Adjust Speakers with 'Adaptive Volume' Feature Increasing Volume in Noisy Settings
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Alexa to Auto Adjust Speakers with 'Adaptive Volume' Feature Increasing Volume in Noisy Settings

Amazon could auto-adjust speakers with a new "adaptive volume" feature that increases volume when the device is in a noisy setting. Amazon is now working to solve quite a frustrating occurrence with the smart home speakers by introducing a new feature the company is calling Adaptive Volume.

Amazon Alexa Gets Volume Adjustment Feature

According to the story by The Verge, Amazon is trying to fix a common problem most Alexa owners are experiencing through the Adaptive Volume feature. The new feature will make Alexa respond louder if it is able to detect that users are in a noisy environment.

The company notes that the mode is meant to make sure that users can still hear Alexa's response no matter the background noise, like the sound of a dishwasher, music playing on yet another device, or the more common people talking. Amazon says that the feature is currently available to customers in the United States.

Alexa, Turn on Adaptive Volume

Users can now finally activate the device by saying "Alexa, turn on adaptive volume." Amazon, however, does not mention that the adaptive volume would work in the opposite direction and become quieter whenever there is no more background noise. Amazon Alexa and Google Assist were actually in a chess match before and the battle of the AI was quite intriguing.

There are, however, other ways for users to be able to reduce the volume quite dynamically. One of them is the Whisper Mode. This is where Alexa will simply whisper its response to users that want the device to talk quietly. For those that don't know, Alexa devices have a male voice called Ziggy for those that want to switch things up.

Alexa 'Set Volume' Action

A relaxing video on YouTube points out that users will be able to activate the mode through asking Alexa to "turn on whisper mode." For those that are instead looking to simply adjust the volume depending on what time it actually is, Alexa enthusiasts on Reddit recommend that users can simply do this by adding the "set volume" action towards a custom route which then activates at just a certain time. This could also be included as part of the bedroom routine, according to CNet.

The article by The verge notes that after giving the Adaptive Volume a quick test using the Echo Dot that sat just next to a desktop PC along with a spinning fan. It reportedly seemed a bit inconsistent and a number of Alexa's responses turned out to be louder than usual while others still went back to their original volume.

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Adaptive Volume Feature

It's currently worth noting that the Adaptive Volume feature isn't really exactly the same as the new spherical Echo fourth gen's adaptive sound. This uses the device's microphones in order to tune music to sound much better in specific rooms.

This also isn't the very first time that they have seen a smart assist try to adapt its volume towards the user's environment. Google Nest's Ambient IQ reportedly promises to do something quite similar for spoken word content or even assistant responses.

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