Facebook Messenger Split the Bill Feature
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Facebook Messenger will bring the "Split the Bill" feature soon on the instant messaging and communications platform, having the ability to tell people how much they are owed and need to pay whenever heading out. Meta's many upgrades for Messenger now only show that the company is focused on the long haul, with the chats app being its main product despite the many that boycotts Facebook. 

Facebook Messenger: Split the Bill Feature is Coming Soon

Facebook Messenger Split the Bill Feature
(Photo : Messenger)

Messenger has now announced its upcoming feature that is in the works from the company's labs, and it would be a treat for people that wants to split the bill whenever heading out. May it be for couples, groups of friends, acquaintances, workmates, roommates, or family members, splitting the bill will never be the same as it would feature a full integration on the messaging app. 

This is the next big update of Messenger, and the new feature would come alongside the recently debuted "Group Effects" that focuses on AR and visual effects that can be toggled whenever video chatting. Messenger said that the split the bill feature is still under works, and what the company has announced is only an early sneak peek. 

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How Does Messenger's Split the Bill Work?

Split the Bill in Facebook Messenger is an easy-to-use feature that would be under the "Payments" hub of every group chat or personal message. The person only has to input the total and select the people that need to pay in a certain group, and it would create a personalized message to remind everyone. 

It would also note if the transfer has been paid to avoid forgetting to settle one's share among friends or colleagues. 

Meta Facebook and its Issues

Meta (formerly Facebook) has gone through a very rough patch in its early days, especially as it faced disputes and issues that were thrown against them. One of the very known issues about them was with its whistleblower, Frances Haugen, a former employee of the company that has claimed and brought evidence regarding Facebook's disregard for mental health effects of its platform. 

Another recent issue was with Meta's acquisition of the popular GIF resource website and app, GIPHY, which has been ordered by the United Kingdom's court to sell it to other buyers. The legislators from the UK were not a fan of the big tech company in getting ownership of GIPHY, known to play a huge role in the social media enterprise. 

Nevertheless, Meta and Facebook are still here, debuting new improvements and updates for its many products that are available to the public now. Messenger's many updates now bring a lot for the messaging application, that evolved into a more multimedia approach, instead of being a place to communicate only like other chat apps.

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