How to Turn Facebook Messenger On and Off in Meta Quest VR | Oculus Communication
(Photo : Image from Remy Gieling on Unsplash) How to Turn Facebook Messenger On and Off in Meta Quest VR | Oculus Communication

Meta has made it much easier to silence out Facebook Messenger in its VR notifications. This is an optional feature instead of a replacement for the general Oculus communication methods.

Facebook Messenger on VR

According to the story by ScreenRant, Facebook Messenger can be used in VR while wearing Meta Quest or the Quest 2 headset. With that, being able to chat with friends or family in the real world without ever needing to leave the virtual reality is an added feature said to be available to anyone with a headset that has the latest update.

Meta Quest has already been offering a chat and voice calling option for quite a while now. To add, using the headset built-in microphone for communications will allow calls to coordinate plans with friends in VR like with cooperative games or hanging out in Horizon Worlds, watching an event live together, or even relaxing in a type of virtual venue.

How to Get Calls on VR

In order to get calls, the other person should also have a Meta headset which limits this to strictly a VR way to connect with a certain person. Another added communication option is Facebook Messenger which opens up a chat with people through smartphones and computers while wearing a Quest headset or gaming through a VR app.

Users will have to press the Oculus button located on the right controller to show the Universal Menu a.k.a. the bar of icons located on the bottom of the screen. In order to open Messenger, users should click on the chat icon then the profile image located on the upper right.

How to Disable Quest Messenger

Luckily, to avoid confusion, Messenger still looks and works the exact same way in VR. The keyboard, however, is virtual making it faster to just choose the microphone icon in order to type by speaking.

Quest Messenger can easily be disabled through opening the Messenger windows, clicking on settings (the gear located in the lower-left corner), then logging out. This, however, isn't really necessary since notifications can also be disabled in order to prevent interruptions.

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Quest Headset Notifications

The notifications will still come to any devices that haven't muted them. To add, so far, Messenger in VR is still an option and not a replacement for the general Oculus communication methods.

As of the moment, Meta is still working on voice calls for Messenger which will allow users to communicate verbally. In the meantime, Meta's Parties with other quest owners is the only option to bypass typing or having to use speech-to-text.

In order to make a party, users have to click on the "Create Party" button at the top-right allowing users with the Meta headset to join the party. As per ScreenRant, during the transition, chatting can remain a bit confusing but it is still good to have the option to communicate through Facebook Messenger using their computer or phone without needing to take off the Quest headset.

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