Instagram rolled out a useful new feature called Take a Break that will prevent users, especially the underaged ones, from opening content that could affect their mental health. 

Instagram's Take a Break

On Dec. 7, the social media company introduced a tool called Take a Break, it notifies users if they are focused on a topic for too long, according to The Verge.

Instagram's Take a Break feature was first announced in September, and it will roll out to all users in the United States and the United Kingdom. It will also be available to Instagram users from Australia and Canada. The other users from other countries will follow.

The feature can be found in Settings, and users can choose when they want to be notified, with 30 minutes being the maximum period. 

They will then get a full-screen alert instructing them to close the app and take a deep breath, listen to a song, write something down, or do other activities.

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According to CNN, they've tested the feature before its official launch, and while it has a lot of benefits, there is still room for improvement.

For example, users have to stay on Instagram for one session. If the app closes even for a couple of seconds or if the phone screen turns off while you browse another platform, the timer of the feature resets.

After the prompt encourages you to take a break, it is still up to the user to tap on "Done" and return to the app.

The head of safety and well-being at Instagram, Vaishnavi J., said that Take a Break is still new and it is set for expansion next year.

Instagram also stated that it would be more strict on the content that it recommends to underage users, and it will nudge them toward different topics if the system detects that they've been focused on one type of content for too long.

While the social media company said it would share more about the feature in the next couple of weeks, CNN revealed that topics like architecture, travel destinations, and nature photography would shift the users' attention.

The features added to the platform's current time management tools let users know when they have reached the total amount of time they are spending on Instagram daily.

Instagram also revealed that it is working on a feature that will let users manage all of their platform activities in one area. This allows them bulk delete images and videos that they have posted and previous likes and comments.

Instagram's Push For Mental Health Awareness

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, said that while available to all users, the tool is very important for teenagers.

It can help them understand everything that they share on the platform, know what other users can see on their accounts, and give them a better way to manage their accounts, according to Engadget.

Instagram is also working on launching a hub for adults. This will include tips from mental health experts to help them talk about social media use with their children.

It will also give them the ability to see the amount of time their children spend on the platform and set time limits.

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