Xbox fans look like they're in for a treat next year, as a lot of big things are planned for Microsoft's preeminent gaming platform. 

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First-party games are arguably closing 2021 strong for Xbox, with "Halo Infinite" debuting to critical and fan acclaim this month despite a few setbacks. The newest installment of the iconic Xbox franchise has earned soaring reviews so far, and there's still more content planned. 

Developer 343 Industries, for instance, has promised that old-school campaign co-op and fan-favorite Forge mode will return by next year, as per IGN. Players can also expect new content for the multiplayer mode in the form of new maps, weapons, and an overall better Battle Pass progression system. 

"Forza Horizon 5," another of the year's biggest Xbox exclusives, entered the fray with an unprecedented opening week. 

Microsoft reported earlier that their new big-name racer peaked at an insane 10 million players, and with big DLC expansions still unannounced, there is still room for improvement. 

The game, however, has experienced an equally massive decline. There's now a 75% player count decrease compared to its November numbers, though there is the confidence that the main reasons for this-major game-breaking bugs and issues, as well as a lack of big DLCs so far-will remedy the situation. 

There are also rumors that "Forza Motorsport," which is "Horizon's" more serious brother, is due for a so-called "soft reboot" from developer Turn 10 Studios by the tail-end of 2022. 

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According to a report by TechRadar, the latest "Motorsport" title since 2017's "Forza Motorsport 7" will actually drop the numbered names in favor of the planned reboot. 

There are also rumors that this game will be a next-gen exclusive but could still very well be accessible on the last-gen Xbox One via Game Pass. This information, however, remains unconfirmed and must be taken with a grain of salt. 

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'Starfield': Perhaps THE Biggest Of 2022

There is no questioning the iconic status of developer Bethesda in the gaming industry. As such, their first new IP in 25 years since "The Elder Scrolls," this title's hype levels could reach a fever pitch. 

The official release date for "Starfield" is set for November 11, 2022, reports WindowsCentral. Since "The Elder Scrolls VI" is still nowhere to be found, gamers are going to have to get their Bethesda fix from this one-a game that's being called "Skyrim" in space by studio mainstay Todd Howard.

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Reportedly set 300 years into the future, "Starfield: promises to be an old-school sandbox that will let players hop into a ship, explore an entire galaxy, and do whatever they want. 

Other rumors also suggest that the game's lore could potentially rival "Fallout" and "Elder Scrolls" in terms of size and overall scope, which could be exciting news for so many fans out there. 

What About Xbox Game Pass? 

A lot of good things also happened for Game Pass this year, being the leading game subscription service in town. 

xCloud looks to be the "savior" for those who still can't get their hands on a Series X or Series S console, and its recent addition to Game Pass will bring the year's biggest exclusives to more people all over the world regardless of what systems they play on. 

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