An ICT affiliate of the top South Korean Company LOTTE Group, LOTTE Data Communication Company participates in the CES 2022 to show the world its unique metaverse technology. With LOTTE Group's total assets of about 125 trillion won or around 104.5 billion USD, the company is no small player in the space.

Learn More About the LOTTE Group

According to, LOTTE Group operates various chemical, construction, distribution, tourism, food, and service businesses in over 30 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The problem with the current metaverse services is that they don't allow customers to buy real products. Thus, as per the publication, making them are unlikely to attract customers. The company is also aiming to implement an HMD-based, highly immersive, and realistic metaverse platform fusing the real world and virtual world to combat economic activities topping ultra-realistic content.

Here are the 6 Core Technologies Hidden in the Platform

  • VR editing technology combining graphics and actual footage seamlessly
  • Live-action shooting tech
  • 3D rendering real-time according to changes in visual angle and gaze
  • Deep-interactive patent allowing users to connect with objects through VR images
  • Compression tech realizing ultra-high-definition image quality despite a small file size
  • Quality optimal viewer applicable to digital objects

LOTTE Metaverse Brings a Realistic Experience

In the company's metaverse, users will realize their dream house. With that, visible objects are reproduced precisely like real life, making users feel like they are living in the house.

Things like furniture and home appliances in the living room will be connected to other metaverse spaces like home appliance stores to help users experience a number of different lifestyles.

Era of Convenience Allows Shoppers to Compare and Try Products

Should users click the home appliances, they will then be taken to a home appliance store, making it possible for users to see the product and have a unique experience of a real person being their shopping advisor for the product itself.

Within the new era of convenience, shopping where users are able to compare and try out home appliances they want without having to go to the store has dawned. To add, should users click on clothes hanging, they will be brought to a fitting room at a store where a digital human tries out the selected products.

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LOTTE Plans to Expand Infinitely Into the Metaverse

Virtual cinemas are expected to give users the same real-life theater experience with concert halls containing 65,000 digital humans. Users will be given vividness if they watch an artist perform with other people right in front of their eyes.

As per the report, the metaverse's future showcased by the company looks more promising due to its capability to expand infinitely in a number of different areas. Based on the technology, LOTTE plans to continue expanding its application fields in the future.

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