Moderna is now looking into developing the fourth COVID-19 vaccine from the company, and it would be the second booster jab from the pharmaceutical company. The CEO of the medical company addresses the many risks of not getting the proper immunity from COVID, and the booster is a need for people to fight against the rapidly mutating strains. 

Moderna's COVID-19 Booster Shot: Now Under Development?

Moderna is Testing its Phase 1 HIV Vaccine
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Moderna is Testing its Phase 1 HIV Vaccine

According to Reuter's report, Moderna is campaigning about the new booster shot that it aims to bring for the world to use, and this would help in further protecting against COVID-19 and its variants. The latest shot would be the fourth COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna, with the first two being the initial doses of the vaccine, while the third and fourth are the boosters. 

The intentions of Moderna for this new booster suggest that it is under development of the fourth vaccine or the second booster, as they call it. According to Fox News, Moderna is already pushing for its creation, but it does not convince many experts like doctors and health professionals for its need. 

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Moderna COVID-19 Booster: People Needs the 2nd Shot

An interview with Stephane Bancel, the CEO of Moderna Therapeutics, by Goldman Sachs first saw what the pharmaceutical company says for the COVID booster. Here, Bancel said that the world is still in danger from COVID-19, and it would help to have another layer of immunity to protect oneself, and it is needed by the fall of 2022. 

That means that either the same booster formula will remain, or a new one will surface once that time comes. 

COVID-19 Boosters and the Virus Now

Massachusetts Based Biotech Company Moderna Receives FDA Approval To Continue Coronavirus Vaccine Trials
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It is the year 2022, and it is almost two years since the pandemic started affecting the lives of the public with its dangers and easily-transmittable virus that can lead to many deaths. The vaccine produced towards the end of 2020 was taught to be everyone's savior, finally ending the pandemic once and for all, but that changed when variants came and multiplied

Now, the world faces a new variant known as the IHU, first discovered in France. However, it is being contained in the European country now, and experts hope to stem its transmission from there alone. 

The world is still coping with the transmissions from the Omicron variant that is the most dangerous strain available to man now. It also faces a massive spread as most of the world already reported cases of Omicron that came within its borders. 

COVID-19 boosters are the answer to the ever-evolving strains of the virus, protecting people further from the effects and dangers it brings. The life threats made by COVID face answers from the boosters, but it seems that it is not yet enough, says Moderna, who is already planning to create a new one, suitable for the fall of 2022. 

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