If you love all things horror, than here is a weirdly interesting "book" for you. Because many of us (sadly) don't have the time or attention span to read full novels, artist and writer Dennis Cooper has created a new way to to bring shocking images from the page to life. 

Cooper released his latest novel Zac's Haunted House made completely from GIFs.

Instead of reading text, people who love a good scare can scroll through the visual story that is as strange as it is terrifying. The story contains a preface, five chapters and an afterward, using GIFs to say so much without saying a single word to tell the story.

And trust me, this visual experience is a mind scrambling. What's cool about it is that the viewer gets to create the story in their imagination, guided by the GIFs that are loosely connected. The story begins with a shower scene, very reminiscent of Psycho. And things only get weirder from here. Other images include train accidents, eyeballs and lots and lots of death.

Is it all a bad dream? Is the house a portal to hell? Does the house want to take your soul? That's up for you to decide.

From the start, the story is intense and the graphic imagery will surely give you goosebumps. However, it is the strange images like puppies, the intense feeling of falling, a Slinky commercial, and even Aaron Carter that give the story that extra chill factor.

Zac's Haunted House is a project in part of a "cycle-in-progress of novels, worded and wordless," composed in honor of the visual artist Zac Farely. Cooper and Farley are currently working on the film Like Cattle Towards Glow.

It's both intriguing and disgusting, the perfect combo for horror fans. The novel is available both to view online in all its cinematic gory glory and to download. Enter the house to awaken the demons here.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Dennis Cooper]

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