A COVID-19 specific Nasal Spray from Finland brings experimental protection from inhaling the virus, preventing it from entering the body entirely to avoid its infection. The question now focuses on its ability to block out any variant of the virus. The spray would mainly focus on the Omicron strain that is now known as the most notorious there is in its existence.

COVID-19 Nasal Spray: Experimental Protection Against the Virus

Nasal Spray
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Researchers from the University of Helsinki, Finland, made an important discovery and contribution now, as it created experimental protection against the virus in the form of a nasal spray. Yes, that is right, as according to Gizmodo, the experimental nasal sprays can protect a person for eight hours after its first administration. 

The test centered on a petri dish and putting the cells and the virus in a single container to test its effectiveness. Here, it showed good defense against the virus and helped keep it away. 

Moreover, the researchers also used it on mice and showed promising results. One of its challenges now is to have it tested on humans, to which it would present a live COVID bacteria, to those given the experimental nasal spray.

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Nasal Spray: Effective Against Omicron Variant? 

The answer to the question "is the nasal spray effective against the Omicron variant?" remains unknown as it has not achieved human trials yet. However, researchers assure the public that this nasal spray would help protect against all kinds of viruses and all variants of the COVID-19 virus that mutated dramatically. 

COVID Nasal Sprays in the Past

There were several takes on COVID-19 Nasal Sprays in the past years, and some of these innovations pre-date those of the vaccines against the virus. One particular spray was with "AeroNabs" It uses antibodies from a camel to block out the virus from entering the body. Imagine an invisible protective mask that blocks the virus even before infecting another cell. 

However, another take on the nasal spray also manifested in 2020, bringing a new focus for Columbia and Cornell University researchers to protect against the virus. The group's method is the "Lipoprotein," which aims to kill the virus before it enters the body and infects any other cells. 

It is important to note that COVID-19 uses spike protein to infect other cells and rapidly spread to the body. That being said, preventing them from entering and infecting healthy cells may effectively deter people from the said infections. 

The nasal sprays would prove to be adequate safety measures to avoid coronavirus infection. Moreover, the sprays would act better than face masks to guarantee protection against the virus.

The sprays would work best with a person already completing their vaccine doses, including boosters, to further help the body protect against the virus. 

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