After over a year since the launch of the PlayStation 5, buyers have still been struggling with getting the console at fair SRP from online retailers. With that, another widespread GameStop PS5 restock is scheduled to happen on Friday morning.

GameStop PS5 Restock Online

One reason why the PS5 console has been extremely difficult to purchase is because most of the orders are processed online, giving room for scalpers to use bots to sweep stock off of shelves. Luckily, GameStop is launching an in-store restock schedule meaning buyers can secure their console as long as they fall in line.

According to the story by CNet, one of the only places that buyers can reliably buy the console is to walk to the actual store to purchase the PS5 restock in person. Every couple of weeks, the company announces a new in-store event with a promise of a restock happening in various locations.

In-Store PS5 Restock for Selected Locations

As per the GameStop website, the next event will have an in-store PS5 restock happening in selected locations. The next event will be on Friday, Jan. 14, and the consoles will be sold in bundles costing a little bit more compared to the standard $499.

With the bundles, buyers will be getting different accessories and games to match the modified price. With that, GameStop doesn't always get a lot of consoles in every store simultaneously, which is why the in-store PS5 restock rollout event remains quite limited. 

How to Find Out if Your Local Store has In-Stock PlayStation 5 Consoles

GameStop has also updated its very own stock locator to help buyers find out where the nearest store is on their ZIP code in order for them to see what items are available. Should a buyer's store show on the list, the consoles will be available when the store opens up on Friday morning, Jan. 14.

What the website doesn't say, however, is how many consoles will be up for grabs or even how many people are willing to stand outside the store when the restock finally happens. The best way for buyers to know this information is to do it the old-fashioned way, which is by calling the store and asking nicely.

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PS5 Restock Tracker Twitter Accounts

Most of the GameStop locations are usually happy to share restock details as well as store opening times with buyers in order for them to plan accordingly. To add, if it turns out that the console isn't available in the GameStop PS5 restock, there will still be online restocks happening on different retailers.

One way to get updates of upcoming and sudden PS5 restocks is by following PS5 restock tracker Twitter accounts and enabling notifications. This will give buyers a chance to know when and where a new restock launches online or even sometimes in-store.

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