"Fortnite" faces a new leak to its game, with the arrival of two famous "Spider-Man" characters with Norman Osborn's Green Goblin and his redheaded love interest, Mary Jane Watson. The lineup is indeed a classic story for Peter Parker, especially as these are some of the first characters in the stand-alone comics of the Marvel hero.

Fortnite Leaks: Green Goblin and Mary Jane Coming to the Battle Royale?

Twitter blew up with loads of leaks from different sources about the arrival of two Spider-Man comic characters that are iconic to his story as a hero and Peter Parker. Yes, long-time Spidey villain Green Goblin and his love interest Mary Jane Watson to be coming to the battle royale soon.

The leak is not confirmed, but it holds a massive chance of coming, says the leakers, as the Spider-Man content in the game is a popular release from "Fortnite" in Chapter 3.

Moreover, the leaks say that there are three characters from the Spider-Man lore to come in the battle royale, and only two sees confirmation as of the moment.

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What's the Catch for Fortnite's New Characters from Spider-Man?

According to popular leaker HYPEX, Mary Jane and Norman Osborn's Green Goblin will be NPCs or non-playable characters. MJ would be in the game to sell an "infinite web shooter" to the gamer for 400 gold, and the webhead or other characters may use it.

The leaker said that Green Goblin's appearance is possible due to the tease about Spidey's enemies are also coming to the game and that the glider's animation saw a teaser before.

Fortnite and its Many Content this 2022

"Fortnite" improved a lot towards the end of the year, and one of its most notable changes is its switch to Unreal Engine 5, which the public looked forward to for the game. The change to "Fortnite's" Chapter 3 marked its first arrival on the new game engine, and it promises better content in the future developments of the title.

However, its switch to the new gaming engine is not the only news for 2022, as the success of December's showcase of the famous Marvel hero makes a web-catching interest for all. It also brings the possibility of a rumored Miles Morales skin, especially with the successful debut of the original Spidey, Peter Parker.

The popularity of Spidey now is due to the recent MCU movie of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" that stars Tom Holland and previous Spider-Men Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. However, its success in the game is its main reason for more content to follow.

The NPC roles of the Green Goblin and Mary Jane Watson are massive, and despite not being accessible characters for creating mayhem, they still serve as something to look forward to in "Fortnite."

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