Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People Into Giving Up Their Online Passwords


With all the recent hacks of big name retail stores, Sony Pictures and more, President Obama is stepping in to pledge more government resources in helping improving cyber security and cracking down on hackers.

Well Mr. Obama, you might have your work cut out for you, as Jimmy Kimmel so cruelly points out in a recent segment of his show. It's no secret Kimmel is the current king of trolls when it comes to American late night television, but his latest stunt of tricking people to give up their online passwords goes beyond anything he's done before. Watch below:

It starts with a simple question: What do you use for an online password, the nice lady asks people walking down Hollywood Boulevard. Most people aren't THAT dumb, so they usually don't spell it out directly. Instead, they reply with "My cat's name," or "The year I graduated school" without going into specifics. You know, the usual password material.

But then all it takes is a few questions from a friendly face holding a microphone and each person spells out exactly what their password consists of. It's kind of painful to watch. One man clearly knows it isn't a good idea to give out his password to a random stranger with a microphone, but when pressed gives into peer pressure and, after a few seconds of "thinking about it," spills the beans. Or he could be lying. For humanity's sake, let's hope he is lying. Otherwise we have a long, long way to go.

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