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Kid Locks His Dad iPad Until 2067 After Spamming It With Wrong Passwords [Update: iPad Now Being Restored Via DFU Mode]

Thanks to his kid, Evan Osnos can’t use his iPad until 2067. Per Apple’s guidelines, he needs to restore the device via iTunes, but doing so will erase all his data assuming he didn’t back it up.

Apple April 9, 2019

Microsoft Wants To Get Rid Of Passwords In The Next Version Of Windows 10

No need to login to Windows 10 using a password anymore. Microsoft now lets users in the Fast Ring of its Insider Program receive unique login codes via SMS, and soon everyone will be able to use it, too.

Microsoft January 4, 2019

Dell Resets All Customer Passwords After It Detected A Cyber Attack Of Its Network

Dell reset all customer account passwords on its online electronics store after it had detected and disrupted an attempted hack of its network. What customer data were the hackers trying to extract?

Security November 29, 2018

How To Recover Your Windows Password With iSunshare Windows Password Genius

Forgetting your password is a sticky situation, especially if it’s for your Windows administrator account. Luckily, the iSunshare Windows Password Genius tool will help you recover that password in no time.

iSunshare November 1, 2018

Change Your Password Right Now, Says Twitter: Here’s What Happened

Twitter asks everyone to change their passwords in light of a bug that it says it has already resolved. No accounts were compromised, and there is no evidence of password misuse, the company stresses.

Security May 4, 2018

Chrome 66 Blocks Autoplaying Videos With Sound Automatically And More

A stable copy of Chrome 66 was recently released and users can now enjoy some of its new benefits. The updated browser automatically blocks autoplaying videos with sound and comes with several upgraded features.

Google April 18, 2018

Google Working On Giving Users The Ability To Export Chrome Passwords

Google will soon give users the ability to export passwords stored in its internet browser, Google Chrome. All passwords will be exported into one text profile.

Google March 9, 2018

Microsoft Wants To Put An End To Passwords Once And For All

Microsoft will not include password use as default requirement for the next test release of Windows 10 S, indicating of the company’s plan to kill passwords in favor of biometrics and other form of authentication.

Microsoft February 12, 2018

'123456' Is Still The Most Common Password In 2017, But The List Now Includes 'starwars'

The most common passwords are the most popular passwords, but they're also the worst passwords. Now the results are in for 2017, and that means you should never use any one of these combinations, especially '123456' and 'starwars.'

Security December 20, 2017

Windows 10 Password Manager Brings Back Critical Security Vulnerability Spotted Last Year

A free password manager that was bundled with Windows 10 downloads was discovered to have a critical security vulnerability. The bug, however, was already spotted by a Google security researcher last year.

Security December 17, 2017

Spambot Compromises Over 700 Million Email Accounts: You Should Probably Change Your Password Right Now

A spambot dubbed Onliner was discovered to have compromised over 700 million email accounts. Attackers use the spambot and its treasure trove of credentials to spread Ursnif, a banking malware that can steal login details and credit card information.

Security August 30, 2017

Forget Everything You Know About Password Security, As The Man Who Made The Rules Admits He Was Wrong

Netizens have long been forced to follow complicated requirements in creating passwords for their online accounts. The man who made these guidelines in 2003, however, has now admitted that he was wrong.

Security August 9, 2017

Password Manager OneLogin Hacked: Attacker May Also Have Acquired A Way To Unlock Encrypted Data

OneLogin suffered a security breach that potentially compromised customer data. Making the attack potentially much more damaging is that the hacker may have also acquired a decrpytion method for encrypted data.

Security June 2, 2017

Stop Reusing Or Rotating Passwords, They Are Easy To Crack

Data scientists found that reusing passwords leaves the user vulnerable to hacking. They also revealed that even the most complex passwords of 10 characters can be compromised in a month using hacking programs.

Security March 14, 2017

The Most Common Password Of 2016 Is Still '123456'

It's official: the most common password of 2016 is still '123456,' with 17 percent of online users still using it. Needless to say, that's a big no-no.

Security January 17, 2017

Facebook Taps The Dark Web To Buy Stolen Passwords Off Black Market, But It's For Your Protection

Facebook has been diving into the dark web to buy stolen passwords, the company's chief security officer has acknowledged. It may sound shady, but it's part of an effort to increase security and protect users.

Security November 13, 2016

Amazon Resets Passwords Of Some Users After Seeing Email Addresses, Passwords Leaked Online: Paranoid Move Or Solid Security Measure?

Amazon changed the passwords of some users over the weekend after discovering a leaked list of email address and passwords that were not related to its website. Is the company paranoid, or is what it did a solid security measure?

Security October 10, 2016

68 Million Dropbox Accounts Hacked And That's Why You Need To Change Your Password Now

Dropbox seems to have dropped the ball in security four years ago, when over 68 million user accounts were compromised. Since then, the company deployed extra security measures to avoid such scandals and it seems to have worked.

Apps/Software August 31, 2016

Dropbox Urges Users To Change Their Passwords

Dropbox users who haven't updated their passwords since the middle of 2012 are being asked to update as soon as possible. The company is taking a preventive measure to make sure hackers will never have the chance to take advantage of what could be compromised accounts.

Internet August 26, 2016

Here's How To Unlock Your Chrome OS With A Pin Code

Google is testing an experimental feature that allows one to unlock the Chrome OS with a PIN instead of a traditional password. The feature is in the developer stage, but here's how you can put it into action.

Google August 20, 2016

Android Password Manager 1Password Adds Individual Subscription Plan At $3 Per Month: Document Storage, Web Access And More

AgileBits rolled out a new plan for its commended 1Password service, and individual subscribers can now sign up for only $3. The new service brings web access, ultra secure document storage and more.

Apps/Software August 4, 2016

Netflix And Facebook Urge Users To Change Passwords

A popular cybersecurity expert says that Netflix and Facebook are forcing users to change their passwords. These companies' move comes hot on the heels of security issues saying that millions of MySpace, Tumblr and LinkedIn accounts have been leaked online.

Security June 8, 2016

Hacking Of Mark Zuckerberg's Social Media Accounts Teaches Us A Big Lesson: Always Choose A Good Password

Even Mark Zuckerberg's social media accounts can be hacked, so here's how to choose a good password.

Security June 7, 2016

World Password Day 2016: Here's How To Create Better Passwords

May 5 is World Password Day, which is a good time to not only change your passwords, but also learn more about how to make better and more secure passwords. Here are a few tips.

Life & Style May 4, 2016

The Ultimate Password: You Could Log In With Your Skull Soon

Researchers have found a way to use a person’s skull as an authentication system for their smart gadgets. SkullConduct, as the experiment is called, uses unique sound waves that bounce through the skull to unlock devices.

Wearable Tech April 25, 2016

How Many Times Do You Unlock Your iPhone Per Day? Here's The Answer From Apple

Just how easy is it to use Touch ID compared to other security systems for mobile devices? Apple reveals how many times the average iPhone user is able to access his or her device easily throughout the day.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 20, 2016

$170 IP-BOX iPhone Password Unlock Tool Cracks iOS Passcodes In No Time

It took months for the FBI to try to force Apple to open the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, but there's a device on the market right now that could do the job in less than a day. Originally discovered in Hong Kong, the IP-BOX can unlock an iPhone's four-digit pin in as little as 6 seconds.

Apps/Software April 6, 2016

Study Finds Many Employees Worldwide Would Gladly Sell Their Work Passwords For Money

A new study found alarming practices among corporate employees, threatening privacy and security. SailPoint found that one in five employees would sell their work passwords for less than $1,000, and some would even sell it for less than $100.

Business March 24, 2016

MasterCard Wants You To Make Your Password A Selfie

It's the Instagram of banking security.

Apps/Software February 23, 2016

'123456,' 'Password' Top List Of Worst Passwords Of 2015: Here Are Tips On How To Create Strong Passwords

Still on top of SplashData's annual Worst Passwords List are "123456" and "password." Internet users will have to do a better job in creating secure passwords, and here are a few tips on how to make them.

Internet January 20, 2016

'Star Wars'-Themed And Hacker-Friendly Passwords Are On The Rise

SplashData has released its fifth annual list for the worst passwords on the Internet, and it looks like 2015 saw a popularity uptick with Star Wars-themed PWs — ones that also happen to be the most hackable.

Internet Culture January 19, 2016

Google Tests Logins That Don't Require A Typed-In Password

Google announced that it will begin testing out logins that don't require a typed-in password — just access to a smartphone.

Internet December 22, 2015

Yahoo Aiming To Phase Out Passwords With New Service

Yahoo's new Account Key platform confirms users' identities using smartphones instead of traditional passwords.

Internet October 15, 2015

Another Lesson From Ashley Madison Hack: Don't Use Terrible Passwords

Cracked passwords from the hack on Ashley Madison reveal the disappointing trend that users continue to use weak passwords to protect their online accounts.

Internet September 12, 2015

Steam Accounts Hacked Last Week Due To Security Bug

A security bug in Steam's software last week allowed for the hijacking of multiple user accounts via the program's lost password feature. However, Valve reports that it fixed the issue.

Geek July 27, 2015

How the Houston Astros Could Have Stopped the St. Louis Cardinals' Hacking, According to a Cyber Security Expert

Cyber security expert and chief technology officer of the Herjavec Group, Atif Ghauri, tells Tech Times simple ways the Houston Astros could have avoided being hacked by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Movies/TV Shows June 17, 2015

End Of Passwords? Our Brain Activity Might Be All We Need To Unlock Websites, Bank Accounts

How our brains react to certain words could yield a unique signal that could serve as a secure 'password,' researchers say. In an experiment, a computer identified individuals from their brainwaves with 94 percent accuracy, they report.

June 3, 2015

Hate Passwords? PayPal Wants To Try Password Pills, Brain Implants, And Tattoos

In his presentation titled 'Kill all Passwords,' PayPal executive Jonathan LeBlanc states that passwords no longer provide secure access to online accounts and should be replaced with embeddable, injectable, and ingestible devices that allow "natural body identification."

Internet April 21, 2015

Twitter Rolls Out Digits, Phone Number-based Log-in for Web

Twitter has officially launched its first strike in the war against passwords with its phone-number based login for the web.

Internet January 26, 2015

If You Use '123456' or 'Password' as Your Password, You Better Change it Right Now

The passwords '123456' and 'password' retain their position as the top two worst passwords, according to security app company SplashData's annual list of the top 25 most common passwords.

Internet January 21, 2015

Here’s The List Of 2014's Worst Passwords

SplashData released its annual list of worst passwords of 2014. These embarrassing passwords will probably still make you laugh.

Internet Culture January 20, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People Into Giving Up Their Online Passwords

You know that whole cyber security thing? This is how not to do it.

Movies/TV Shows January 16, 2015

Dashlane is Your New BFF if You Want to Change Passwords in a Snap

Dashlane has acquired PassOmatic and its automatic password changing technology. The company will be integrating this technology into its service so that users can change passwords for several websites all at once.

Apps/Software December 11, 2014

Security Specs, Standards Courtesy of FIDO May Ring Death Knell for Passwords

The FIDO Alliance, backed by tech players such as Google, PayPal and Microsoft, has published its first set of specifications for faster and easier identity verification. That means passwords could soon be a thing of the past.

Internet December 9, 2014

Sony Cyber Attack Lesson #1: Don't Save Passwords in a Directory Called 'Password'

Sony Pictures Entertainment kept thousands of company passwords in a file directory called 'Password.' The discovery was learned after hackers published the leaked information on the net.

Business December 5, 2014

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