COVID-19 home testing kits are soon available for free, and any United States citizen will have the right to order and use them without any charge, delivered right at their doorsteps. The Biden Administration's effort to determine and control the cases of COVID-19 is also seen in this effort, significantly as awareness may help avoid the transmission of the virus. 

COVID-19 Home Test Kits for Free Starting January 19

COVID Antigen Rapid Test Kit Free for US Citizens
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According to a fact sheet by the White House, the Biden administration purchased one billion rapid testing kits to make them available for all American citizens for home use. It would be available via a website to register and order for their use and knowledge regarding their condition as the virus spreads rapidly in the community. 

The test kits will help determine if people need medical care, but the recommendation of the White House is to use or request for tests if symptoms are present already. 

The administration recommends having the test at least five days after close contact with a positive person or when manifesting the symptoms related to the coronavirus.

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Where to Order Free At-Home Test Kits for COVID?

The free at-home rapid test for the coronavirus is available at, and the website guarantees that it is free of charge, without the need to enter specific details to get it. One of the main features of this is that it can deliver right at a person's doorstep without asking for anything from them. 

The test would start its orders and distributions by Wednesday, January 19. 

COVID-19's Test Kits for Home Use

During the early days of the pandemic almost two years ago, the only way to test a patient to detect the virus was via the famous RT-PCR swab test. It inserts a long swab in the nose and gets samples from the place where the nose and mouth meet. However, people initially thought that swabbing could puncture the brain and cause brain fluid leaks

However, that is not true. 

Since then, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have developed testing kits using different methods like saliva tests for mass testing and a novel one from CRISPR, the smartphone camera. The one that made it to the public's use and convenience is the saliva test, also known as the Antigen test kits that offer the results in minutes

The home test kit is effective and can tell a person their partial condition, especially with exposure to other COVID positive people via contact tracing. However, it is essential to note that this is not absolutely accurate compared to the nose swabbing PCR test that brings its samples to the laboratory. 

Nevertheless, the at-home test kits are enough to let a person know that they have the virus and remind them to avoid going out to stop its transmission. 

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