Fox News commentator Dan Bongino faced a one-week suspension on YouTube following his recent video about coronavirus. The video-streaming platform temporarily held his account after he posted COVID-19 misinformation about the importance of masks.

The TV host claimed that wearing them will not help people prevent the spread of the infection.

COVID Misinformation on YouTube

COVID Misinformation: YouTube Slaps Dan Bongino With One-Week Suspension After Calling Masks 'Useless' Against Coronavirus
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According to a report by The Independent before the weekend, YouTube punished Bongino with an account suspension that would last for a single week. According to his video, the masks have no use against COVID-19.

In 2020, the platform revised its policies since wrong information is almost everywhere. With that, YouTube imposed strict rules that will remove medical misinformation not aligned to World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

The largest health institution urged the individuals to continue wearing their masks outdoors, particularly in crowded areas. WHO said that this precaution could reduce COVID transmission and save more lives.

YouTube acted quickly to take down clips that show false claims about wearing masks. Some of these videos said that face masks have bad effects and have no to less effect in preventing the viral spread. The most recent was Bongino's video that contradicted health experts.

Before Bongino was sanctioned over COVID misinformation, YouTube punished several outlets and people, including Senator Rand Paul and Sky News Australia.

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Bongino Receives First Strike 

Bongino's suspension was his first experience under YouTube's regulations. This is the reason why he'll face a light suspension of just a week.

If by any chance he receives another punishment within the next 90 days, YouTube will impose an additional week for his suspension, making it two weeks in total, Engadget reported.

However, if Bongino gets suspended for the third time, YouTube will permanently delete his channel.

Aside from suspension, the platform also demonetized Bongino's channel for his violation under "Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines on harmful and dangerous acts." With that, he could re-submit his application for the Partner Program in the next 30 days.

COVID Misinformation on Spotify

Recently, Tech Times reported that a group of health experts was urging Spotify to take action to stop false claims about COVID-19.

Last month, Joe Rogan talked with mRNA virologist Dr. Robert Malone about vaccines. According to the latter, ivermectin can be used as a treatment for coronavirus.

Since then, several health experts have called out Spotify about its responsibility in handling misinformation. They said that the music streaming giant should create firm policies on filtering facts from fake claims.

Meanwhile, we also wrote that at-home COVID test kits would be distributed for free for US residents starting Jan. 19. To order, just go to and fill out all the important details. Once you are done answering, the authorities can now deliver your order straight to your doorstep.

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