All things considered, 2014 was a fantastic year for the PlayStation brand. As the PlayStation 3 exited the console war and the new PlayStation 4 stepped up to take its place, Sony completely dominated sales for the majority of the year. The games were also fantastic, with re-releases like The Last of Us: Remastered and Grand Theft Auto V standing alongside new games like Wolfenstein: The New Order and Destiny.

While some are still unhappy with the PlayStation Store's current design, Sony's digital storefront saw more traffic than ever. As internet speeds go up, so do digital purchases, and Sony's increased focus on its Day 1 Digital program reinforces that. The PlayStation brand saw some great games last year, and the digital sales numbers reflect that.

In fact, Sony has just released the PlayStation Store's sales rankings for last year, and while it's a bit predictable, it shows off just how impressive the publisher's lineup was in 2014.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 really hit its stride in 2014: it found an audience and its library saw a huge boost of quality titles, thanks to games like Minecraft, Trials Fusion and Grand Theft Auto V.

It is a bit surprising to see two separate Call of Duty titles on one list (especially considering how Ghosts was received), but the list is evidence that the PS4 has no shortage of huge games in its library.

PlayStation 3

2014 may have been its last big year, but the PlayStation 3 went out in style. It obviously didn't have as many shiny new games in its library, but there are still plenty of big PS3 games selling well in 2014:

Aside from the usual suspects (Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, etc.), there's a surprising amount of variety on the list. Games like Ni No Kuni and The Walking Dead aren't titles that most people would expect to see at the top of a list like this, but it goes to show just how much variety the PlayStation 3 really had.

PlayStation Vita

Sony's handheld may still seem like a second fiddle to Nintendo's 3DS, but there were still plenty of quality releases for the PlayStation 4's little brother...and it definitely helps that many of the games on the list are CrossPlay supported.

Again, Minecraft dominated the list, as did Telltale Games' fantastic titles. It's also the most varied list by far, and even without the triple-A blockbusters making their way to Sony's handheld, the Vita did just fine in 2014.

It's obvious that 2014 belonged to Sony, and if the PlayStation Store continues to do as well as it has been, there's a good chance that 2015 could belong to the publisher, too.

For more details on Sony's rankings (and links to all of the games) head on over to the Playstation Blog.

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