Relax, Whovians. Despite what you've heard, your beloved Time Lord isn't going anywhere.

After fears that an expired contract would cause Doctor Who and several other BBC shows to disappear from Netflix, the streaming media provider has announced that Doctor Who — both current and classic seasons — is staying put, along with 10 other popular BBC shows. In fact, only four BBC TV series are expiring in February 2015, and it's entirely possible that they're not among your favorites.

The expiring shows are:
Fawlty Towers
Red Dwarf

And here are the BBC shows on Netflix that will enjoy renewed contracts:
Classic Doctor Who
Doctor Who
House of Cards (U.K.)
Keeping Up Appearances
Monarch of the Glen
North & South
The Buccaneers
The Office (U.K.)

But what about Sherlock, you ask? Fear not, Cumberbatch groupies. (Yeah, I know you have another name. And no, I'm not going to use it.) The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported this news, says that Sherlock is licensed as part of a separate agreement that also includes Call the Midwife, Happy Valley and The Honorable Woman. So those four shows are unaffected by this deal.

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