One creative Reddit user, fryest, recently built a 10-gallon BioShock-inspired fish tank, complete with characters and figures from the game, all for his only fish, a Betta.

That lucky Betta, though, is living in a recreation of Rapture, thanks to a little creativity and work on the part of its owner.

The fish tank even features an awesome game-inspired lid, including the lighthouse and crashed plane that signals the beginning of the game.

Fryest used an image from Google's image search and printed it out at Staples, laminating it so that it was waterproof. He created the lighthouse with balsa wood, while the plane came from a model plane kit bought at a hobby store.

"The fire is actually miniature autumn foliage trees used for tabletop gaming scenery," writes fryest. "Suitcases are dollhouse luggage of ebay. I made the slugs out of clay and paint. Big daddy and Little Sister off Ebay."

So not only is this an awesome replica of BioShock's city of Rapture, it's also a budget project, something anyone could pull off in a few days, after gathering supplies.

Of course, those materials aren't fish-safe on their own. However, fryest used a "fish safe" polyurethane sealer on everything to keep his Betta from harm.

This tank isn't quite as complex as the tank Super Fan Builds created and posted a video of last month. That tank featured a scene from a fight between a Big Daddy and Jack in one of the tunnels with an image of Rapture in the background. That Big Daddy, though, had headlights and a moving drill. Other details include a frame with a bronze faux finish, giving it a steampunk-like feel.

Super Fan Builds, though, has a team of professionals and does this often (this is the team behind The Hobbit-inspired cat litter box), whereas Reddit user fryest is just a creative-minded fan with some free time and cool skills who got the idea when recently replaying the game.

Unfortunately, these BioShock fish tanks are not commercially available for sale, so if you want one, you'll have to get creative yourself and build it.

[Photo Credit: Imgur]

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