Watch Betty White's 93rd Birthday Hawaiian Flash Mob Celebration


There are few in Hollywood as dedicated as Betty White. Few people from the 1920s are even still alive, but at 93 years old, White continues to work in Hollywood. She's one of the most influential women in both radio and television, and continues to make fans around the world laugh. Betty White is proof positive that, to anyone with the determination, age means absolutely nothing.

Though 93 years is nothing to scoff at, the folks over at TV Land have made sure that Ms. White has a birthday to remember. Most people get a giant cake, or a big pile of presents, but few get a guided tour through film studios with a crowd of people dressed as Hawaiian dancers crowding their personal golf cart:

There's no one sweeter than Betty White, and watching the actress clap along with the dancers as she's escorted around the studio grounds is so sweet it almost hurts. There's so much depressing and horrible news in today's world, and yet, it's hard to remember any of that exists when Betty White smiles.

Of course, a bit of song and dance is far from the most taxing thing Betty White has ever done. Aside from playing some of the most popular characters in television over the past several decades, White has appeared in numerous different roles - including that of host of WWE's Monday Night Raw. If Betty White can survive professional wrestling, she can survive just about anything.

It's appropriate that TV Land is the network behind the birthday celebration: after all, several of White's roles have been broadcast on TV Land over the past few years, and White even reprised her famed Hot in Cleveland role for TV Land's The Soul Man last year.

It might be a little much to ask for, but - here's to another 93 years of Betty White!

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