The Milky Way may be home to a massive wormhole and used as a transport system, according to a new hypothesis.

Paolo Salucci, who is a dark matter expert and astrophysicist at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste, suggested this new hypothesis regarding the universe and dark matter. Salucci hypothesized that the space tunnel in our galaxy is similar to the space tunnel depicted in the recent Hollywood film Interstellar.

"If we combine the map of the dark matter in the Milky Way with the most recent Big Bang model to explain the universe and we hypothesize the existence of space-time tunnels, what we get is that our galaxy could really contain one of these tunnels, and that the tunnel could even be the size of the galaxy itself," said Salucci.

The astrophysicist also suggested that the space tunnel may also be navigable as it was in Interstellar. Salucci also pointed out that the hypothesis does not claim the presence of the wormhole in the Milky Way but that there is a possibility of its existence in the galaxy.

Comparing a galaxy similar to the Milky Way may give clues to the existence of a wormhole in the galaxy; however, such a comparison is currently beyond the reach of science. Future exploration of possible wormholes may open the doorway to alien worlds.

Scientists also revealed that other spiral galaxies such as Andromeda may also contain a wormhole.

Salucci also suggested that, for many years, scientists have been trying to understand and explain dark matter, which is a mysterious matter that makes the majority of the universe. He said that scientists have been trying to understand dark matter via the presence of the neutralino particle but it may be time to opt for an alternative perspective.

Dark matter may be the source of fuel for the construction and sustainability of a wormhole. Salucci said that the hypothesis is very important as it probes the potential presence of wormholes in spiral galaxies such as the Milky Way. This may encourage other scientists to make further observations in the field and find possible evidence of wormholes in galaxies.

The hypothesis is further discussed in the journal Annals of Physics.

Check out a short video depicting the galactic wormhole.

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