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A Rare, Beautiful Galaxy Is Inching Closer To The Milky Way

The stunning Messier 90 is located 60 million light-years away but it's a distance that's dropping over time. Unlike most galaxies in the universe, this spiral galaxy is moving toward the Milky Way.

Space June 3, 2019

Astronomers Spot An Alien Star Lingering In The Milky Way

There’s a star in the Big Dipper that doesn’t quite belong in the Milky Way. Instead, it’s an interloper that drifted in from another galaxy.

Space May 11, 2019

Here's Why Scientists Did Not Take Image Of Sagittarius A*, Black Hole At The Heart Of Milky Way

There's a perfectly good black hole in the center of the Milky Way: Sagittarius A*. So why take a photo of an object 54 million light-years away?

Space April 13, 2019

Astronomers Estimate Weight Of Milky Way Using Data From Hubble And Gaia Space Telescopes

How much does the Milky Way really weigh? With the combination of data from Gaia and Hubble, scientists finally find the answer after years of uncertainty about the galaxy's mass.

Space March 8, 2019

Scientists Learn More About Evolution Of Galaxies By Studying Galactic Wind

The starburst galaxy that is 12 million light-years away from Earth has been found to be ejecting gas and dust into interstellar space by way of galactic winds. Researchers have also confirmed that galactic winds drag the magnetic field, influencing the evolution of galaxies.

Space March 6, 2019

Black Hole 30,000 Times More Massive Than Sun Detected At The Center Of Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomers noticed the gas cloud HCN-0.009-0.044 swirling around an invisible massive object 30,000 times the mass of the sun. This led to the discovery of an intermediate-mass black hole at the center of our galaxy.

March 2, 2019

Milky Way And Andromeda Will Collide In 4.5 Billion Years, Study Finds

How long before Milky Way collides with Andromeda galaxy? A new research suggests it may take significantly longer than the previously believed 3.9 billion years.

Space February 9, 2019

Gaia Satellite Finds Strange 'Ghost' Galaxy Right Outside Milky Way

Scientists discovered from Gaia's second data release a ghost dwarf hiding behind the far side of the disk of the Milky Way. In a new study, scientists discussed Antlia 2, a galaxy that escaped detection because of its low density.

Space November 14, 2018

Hubble Spots Supermassive Black Hole Pairs In Merging Galaxies

Scientists have presented evidence that the biggest supermassive black holes across the universe were formed by galaxy collision. A team of astronomers captured nuclei of major galaxies that were only 3,000 light years apart.

Space November 12, 2018

Ancient 'Monster Galaxy' Is Forming New Stars At Astonishing Rate

Researchers observed an ancient monster galaxy located 12.4 billion light-years away that has been forming stars at an incredible and unusual rate. Experts described COSMOS-AzTEC-1 as an unstoppable monster.

Space August 30, 2018

New Radio Telescope Detects Strange Frequency Coming From Deep Space

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment or CHIME has picked up fast radio bursts with a frequency that became the lowest ever to be detected. The new telescope was expected to detect similar low-frequency burst on a daily basis.

Space August 6, 2018

The Milky Way Totally Had A Sibling Galaxy, But Andromeda Ate It Like It’s No Big Deal

Andromeda is one terrifying galaxy, according to a new research. Apparently, the Milky Way had a sibling galaxy, but Andromeda just ate it all up, no biggie.

Space July 24, 2018

South Africa's MeerKAT Radio Telescope Captures Region Surrounding Milky Way Galaxy's Central Black Hole

South Africa launched the MeerKAT, which will form part of the larger Square Kilometer Array. The radio telescope already started to make science operation, capturing the region surrounding the Milky Way's central black hole.

Space July 14, 2018

Milky Way Collision With Sausage Galaxy 10 Billion Years Ago Was The Defining Moment In Galaxy’s History

The Milky Way crashed into a dwarf galaxy with a peculiar orbit 10 billion years ago. Experts said this was the most important moment in history that shaped the Milky Way into what it is today.

Space July 6, 2018

Hubble Space Telescope Captures Image Of Massive Globular Cluster That Hosts 10-Billion-Year-Old Stars

Hubble's Wide-Field Camera 3 or the WFC3 instrument captured images of the massive globular cluster NGC 6139 that orbits the Milky Way galaxy. The star cluster hosts stars that formed as early as 10 billion years ago.

Space June 30, 2018

Proof That Dark Matter Exists Could Be Found In Milky Way’s Satellite Galaxies

Scientists devised a new way to test if dark matter exists. The answer, they believe, could be found in the movements of stars in dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way.

Space June 27, 2018

The Milky Way Has Swallowed A Dozen Galaxies, And It’s Eating A New One Right Now

After investigating several globular clusters at the halo of the Milky Way, researchers concluded that the galaxy has been gobbling up several large galaxies for billions of years. It’s even eating one up right now.

Space June 25, 2018

Remnants Of Merging Galaxies Discovered Within Milky Way

Scientists identified the relics of five star clusters that merged with small galaxies to form the Milky Way. They also found a large 'blob' of stars that could be a larger galaxy colliding to become part of the Milky Way.

Space June 13, 2018

Diamonds In Space Explain Mysterious Glow In Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomers have identified diamonds as the reason for anomalous microwave emission, a mysterious cosmic glow coming from newborn stars across the Milky Way galaxy. The findings also have implications on the studies of the Big Bang.

Space June 12, 2018

It Takes 2 Trillion Years To Cross The Milky Way Disc On A 60 MPH Car

The Milky Way galaxy was found to be larger than previously believed. Researchers discovered that it takes 200,000 years traveling at the speed of light to cross the galactic disc.

Space June 9, 2018

Mysterious Objects Seen Lurking Close To Supermassive Black Hole At Milky Way Center

Scientists found three strange objects circling dangerously close to the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. The mysterious objects look like clouds but behave mysteriously like massive stars

Space June 8, 2018

Lonely Neutron Star With Low Magnetic Field Spotted Outside Of Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomers spotted for the first time a rare neutron star beyond the Milky Way galaxy. It was found in the oxygen-rich supernova remnant E0102. What makes this neutron star special?

Space June 4, 2018

Scientists Discover 'Thousands' Of Black Holes Three Light Years Within Our Milky Way Galaxy

Researchers from Columbia University made a shocking discovery in our milky way galaxy. Evidence of thousands of black holes were discovered within three light years of the heart of the milky way galaxy.

Space May 11, 2018

Stephen Hawking's Hunt For Alien Life Gets Big Boost With Expanded Survey Of Milky Way Stars

Stephen Hawking was part of a project that collects deep space data to find signs of alien life. A new hardware used by the Parkes Radio Telescope used by the Breakthrough Listen Initiative expands survey of the sky.

Space May 9, 2018

Astronomers Weave The Largest 3D Map Of Milky Way Using Gaia Space Telescope

The Gaia spacecraft is releasing the biggest map of the Milky Way to date, containing information on nearly 2 billion stars. The DR2 data release could help shed light on mysteries of the universe.

Space April 26, 2018

Milky Way Stars's DNA May Help Astronomers Find Sun's Siblings

Stars have DNA, which can help astronomers search for the sun's long-lost siblings. The GALAH survey matches the DNA between stars to find their missing brothers and sisters.

Space April 18, 2018

Scientists Find Evidence Of 10,000 Black Holes Surrounding The Center Of The Milky Way Galaxy

There is already a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Now scientists have found many smaller ones. Scientists found thousands of smaller black holes surrounding it.

Space April 6, 2018

Astronomers Discover Formation Of 4,000 Infant Galaxies In Distant Stars

Galaxies have become a trivial phenomenon of the past and the future. Using space telescopes, astronomers discovered infant galaxies that are 30 times younger than the Milky Way and are expected to grow over time.

Space April 5, 2018

The Milky Way Is Still Growing, And It Is Growing Faster Than The Speed Of Sound

Researchers find that the Milky Way galaxy hasn't stopped growing and is growing at an extremely rapid rate. The Milky Way is growing faster than the speed of sound.

Space April 4, 2018

Mysterious Signal In The Center Of The Milky Way Comes From Old Stars, Not Dark Matter

Researchers have been able to locate the source of a mysterious signal at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. They've concluded that this signal comes from very old stars.

Space March 14, 2018

All Galaxies Regardless Of Size And Mass Rotate Like Clock Once Every Billion Years

Astronomers with the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research found that galaxies rotate about once every billion years. They said that both small and big galaxies were found orbiting like clocks.

Space March 14, 2018

Milky Way's Stellar Halo Supplied By Galactic Evictions

A new study made a surprising discovery about the Milky Way's halo stars. They have been found to originate in the Milky Way itself and were evicted by the galaxy.

Space March 1, 2018

Andromeda Galaxy Is The Same Size As Milky Way

What the human kind knew about the Andromeda Galaxy may change again. A new discovery suggested that the neighboring galaxy is just about the same size of the Milky Way and not two or three times bigger as previously assumed.

Space February 15, 2018

Scientists Find Planets Outside Of The Milky Way Galaxy For The First Time

Astronomers used microlensing to discover planets outside the Milky Way in a galaxy 13,000 light years away from Earth. How does this method help find distant exoplanets?

Space February 4, 2018

Synchronized Dance Of Dwarf Galaxies Challenges Chaotic Dark Matter Cosmology

Astronomers assumed that only the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies are surrounded by dwarf galaxies moving in an orderly manner. Recently, they discovered a more distant neighbor that raised questions against existing cosmological theories.

Space February 2, 2018

Giant Planet Or Failed Star? Planetary Object With 13 Jupiter Masses Hides At Center Of Milky Way Galaxy

A planetary object was detected hiding at the center of the Milky Way galaxy during a microlensing event. It could either be a giant planet that formed out of the stellar disk or a failed star, based on its mass.

Space November 8, 2017

Most Ancient Spiral Galaxy May Shed Light On Evolution Of Milky Way

Gravitational lensing helped confirm the nature of the spiral galaxy A1689B11, which existed 2.6 billion years after the Big Bang. What makes A1689B11 different from other ancient galaxies?

Space November 5, 2017

Astronomers Spot First Interstellar Visitor From Outside The Solar System

Researchers have spotted the first interstellar object that could be detected from Earth. The astronomers are trying to determine whether the object, referred to as A/2017 U1, is an asteroid or a comet.

Space October 29, 2017

Black Hole Candidate 100,000 Times More Massive Than Sun Found Near Center Of Milky Way

A potential intermediate-mass black hole, or IMBH, lurks behind gas clouds near the center of the Milky Way. Observations made using the Atacama Large Millimeter Array suggest its mass is about 100,000 times that of the sun.

Space September 6, 2017

Planet Uranus Could Be Full Of Giant Diamonds

Scientists mimicked the intense atmospheric conditions of Uranus to simulate how the ice giant could form diamond rain. The laboratory experiments successfully created tiny gems.

Space August 25, 2017

Fastest Stars In Milky Way Are Galactic Fugitives That May Reveal Secrets Of Dark Matter And Our Galaxy

Hypervelocity stars in the Milky Way are likely fugitives from a neighboring galaxy. These fast-moving objects have traveled great distances they may unveil secrets of dark matter and the Sagittarius A black hole.

Space July 7, 2017

Fastest-Moving Stars In The Milky Way May Have Been From Neighboring Galaxies

So-called hypervelocity stars may have been blasted off the front of the so-called Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), a new study has proposed. Learn more about these stars moving so rapidly that they can escape the Milky Way galaxy.

Space July 5, 2017

NASA’s Hubble Telescope Spots Distant Galaxies That May Need Guarding

A newly released image from NASA Hubble telescope reveals that a huge cluster of galaxies called Abell 370, has an array of galaxies guarding it and is useful in studying far-flung galaxies by its gravitational lensing property.

Space May 5, 2017

Astronomers Discover Brown Dwarf Star With Purest Composition, Highest Mass Ever

A newly discovered brown dwarf has astounded researchers through its sheer mass and pristine composition. The celestial body is 90 times bigger than Jupiter and 250 times structurally purer than the sun.

Space March 28, 2017

NASA Picks University Of Arizona To Lead $40 Million Milky Way Mission

NASA grants University of Arizona’s airborne observatory with $40 million Milky Way mission. What is an interstellar medium and why is it important that we know more about it?

Space March 27, 2017

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