A horrible boss is not something you should wish on anyone. It's a horrible, life-sucking curse. There are many different reasons why a boss can be a bad leader, but one thing remains the same, their bad behavior can make you start to hate your job. 

Even though you may keep your mouth shut and obey their every order, new research published in Personnel Psychology found that standing up for yourself against a horrible boss can help your sanity.

While researchers from Ohio State University thought answering hostility  with more hostility would be bad for one's mental state, they found just the opposite. "Employees felt better about themselves because they didn't just sit back and take the abuse," says lead study author, Bennett Tepper.

Since holding back can only break you down, standing up for yourself can earn you respect from your co-workers and make you more committed to your job. When a horrible boss keeps bringing you down at work, it's time to manage up. Here's how you should handle a horrible boss.