They may be man's best friend whose noses can track down missing persons and objects from miles away, but hundreds of years of domestication have rendered them useless as masters of stealth in the hunt. Just have a look at these photos of happy-go-lucky pooches who tried so hard, but failed miserably and hilariously at playing hide-and-seek.

Watch out, #NinjaCats! These lovable mutts may topple you off your reign as the Internet's most searched meme.

These dogs clearly got their hiding lessons from the same ostrich.

Actually, these guys are pretty good at the whole camouflage thing.

Such bed. Much hide. Many Stealth. Wow.

A most adorable surprise hidden in the sock drawer.

And he almost got away with it too. Almost.

So soft and fluffy. It's the perfect hideout! Hmmm, but not quite.

This Siberian Husky is feeling quite cool and comfy in cold temparatures.

He made sure he would not get left behind on moving day.

Shhhhhh.... "You can't see me...!"

"I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything." Of course not.

 8... 9... 10... Ready or not, here I come!

 And, finally, these guys are just way too proud of their hiding spots. Maybe we shouldn't tell them the truth?

Well, at least they can still play fetch.

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