#Snowmageddon2015 Begins As Twitter Braces For The Storm With Memes


Winter Storm Juno is almost here - in fact, for many, the storm has already begun. It's looking to be one of the worst of the season, and considering how badly Buffalo was buried late last year, such a statement isn't one people are taking lightly. Grocery stores are being cleaned out, businesses are closing and people are hunkering down for what is sure to be an absolutely disastrous storm.

Of course, when people hunker down, they head to the Internet. After all, there's only so much Netflix-binge-watching one can withstand, and after hours of being snowed in, people are going to want some one-on-one contact. If you can't go outside, the Internet is probably the safest place to talk to people, right?

As the saying goes, Twitter will be Twitter: millions of people are already snowed in, and as such, the social media site has exploded with memes and pictures about the storm. Let's just say that there's a reason that #Snowmageddon2015 is trending:

At least people can still have fun in weather like this. Granted, there's not much anyone can do in such terrible weather (aside from maybe a snowball fight?), but times like these were made for sarcastic Internet memes!

While it's expected that New York is going to get some of the worst the storm has to offer, Snowmageddon 2015 is so huge that the entire Northern half of the country is being effected - and could be worse than the Buffalo blizzard last year.

Then again, the Internet always knows what to do in times of crisis - drink until whatever is going on blows over.

To all those in the Northeast: stay safe, stay inside and stay warm.

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