The KFC Double Down sandwich is everything that is great about America (namely fried chicken.) Two delicious pieces of KFC fried chicken serve as "buns" for other delicious things, like bacon, cheese or even a hamburger patty.

But this latest monstrosity? This takes America to a whole other level. Feast your eyes upon the KFC Double Down Dog.

Why yes, that is hot dog with a fried chicken bun. Seriously, what is more American than this? Okay, maybe this:

But other than that, what exactly? Hot dogs are the quintessential American food, enjoyed everywhere from backyard barbecues to baseball games. Adding fried chicken to the mix is pure genius.

In fact, the Double Down Dog is so American it's not even available in America yet. If you want one you'll have to visit the Philippines. But what's this? Only 50 of them per restaurant per day, and only at select participating restaurants in the Philippines? What the hell, KFC? This glorious product, America in its purest, fried form, should be shared with any and all who are willing to fork over the cash to experience a taste of patriotism.

Perhaps KFC knows that the Double Down Dog's power is too great. If released into the wild unchecked, there would be riots in the streets. KFCs would shut down nationwide as droves of true patriots rushed to their nearest KFC restaurant to get a taste of freedom.

Or maybe KFC is just testing the idea out and is planning to roll the product out to more restaurants if it proves successful. Maybe it will even come to America! We can only hope. 

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