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Microsoft Wants To Bring High-Speed Internet To Millions Of Americans In Rural Areas

Millions of people in America don't have access to high-speed broadband internet, but Microsoft wants to change that. The company wants to tap unused television channels to connect millions of Americans in rural areas.

Internet July 11, 2017

Palmer Luckey Wants A Virtual Border Wall For America

Palmer Luckey had a tumultuous 2016, leaving the public eye after lying about negative statements directed at Hillary Clinton before the Presidential Election. Palmer is now looking to get back in the public eye with his new idea for a virtual border wall.

Defense June 5, 2017

Great American Total Solar Eclipse On Aug 21: NASA Plans Broad Study

The total solar eclipse in the United States on Aug 21. will be as significant as the first total eclipse since 1979. It will happen when the moon comes in front of the sun and blocks the solar disc.

Space February 23, 2017

How A Hotdog Eating Contest Became America's Strangest Fourth of July Tradition

Hotdog eating contests are America's favorite 4th of July traditon.

Internet Culture July 4, 2015

China To Develop Cybersurveillance Program That Mimics U.S. Practices

Despite U.S. anger over China's anti-terrorism law, the People's Republic is planning on instituting its own cybersurveillance program similar to U.S. practices.

March 5, 2015

People From Chad Have Healthiest Diet: How Does America Compare?

Chad in Central Africa may be a low-income nation but it topped the list of the countries with the healthiest diet. Armenia, on the other hand, has the least healthy diet.

Life February 20, 2015

The 5 Strangest Presidential Pets

From hippos to a dairy cow, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been nothing short of a zoo over the decades. See which presidential pets were some of the strangest.

Feature February 16, 2015

KFC Double Down Dog Is So Outrageous Only 50 Pieces Will Be Served Per Day

Never before has KFC created a food product so intimidating. Or so American.

Internet Culture January 26, 2015

Two Years After Sandy Hook Shootings: How is Newtown and How America is Dealing with Gun Violence

Two years have lapsed since gunman Adam Lanza opened fire at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, which resulted in the death of several young children and staff. The residents of Newtown are still grappling with the aftermath of the tragedy.

Society December 16, 2014

America's Annual Health Rankings Released. Some States are Healthier While Others Need More Exercise

The least healthy state in the 2014 America's Health Rankings is marked by high prevalence of obesity, diabetes and infectious disease while the healthiest state has low incidence of smoking, cancer related deaths and preventable hospitalizations.

Life December 10, 2014

Good question: Why do we still celebrate Columbus Day?

Christopher Columbus was a murderous, conquering egomaniac whose biggest claim to fame is getting lost. So why do we celebrate him with a holiday, again?

Internet Culture October 13, 2014

The end of the ‘typical’ American family

The "typical" American family of the 1950s is gone, replaced by a diversity of new arrangements. "Different is the new normal," a sociologist says.

Life September 4, 2014

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