One of the best parts about the New Year finally arriving is that we're that much closer to seeing the Apple Watch hit stores. We all have high hopes for the Apple Watch, including the possibility that it will change our lives, much like Apple's iPhone has.

Unfortunately, it's still unclear when this potentially life-saving device will actually change our lives. Apple has yet to announce an official release date for the gadget, although some predict we'll be seeing the Apple Watch in stores in March.

But guys. Let's not get too carried away over the impending Apple Watch launch. Yes, it can do a lot of cool things like call people, count your calories and allow you to send weird, 3-D hearts to loved ones, but this isn't actually the first time Apple has released a watch.

The original Apple Watch was actually released in 1995, and it was more or less just your typical analog watch with a funky cool electric blue bezel, a triangular green hour hand, a straight red minute hand and a squiggly yellow hour hand, complete with that multi-colored retro Macintosh logo. The black rubber strap also had "Mac OS" written across it. All in all, it was pretty darn rad.

However, unlike the upcoming Apple Watch, you couldn't buy the original in stores. Apple offered it as an incentive to upgrade to Macintosh System 7.5. If you did so, you could either snag this watch or Conflict Catcher 3 software. Forget fixing your computer problems. The right choice is always the Apple Watch.

Jonathan Morrison uploaded a review of the original Apple Watch to YouTube recently, and the people he interviewed seemed to dig the retro feel of the watch overall. However, one boy was clearly unimpressed. "There's no tech in this. It's just a regular watch," he said in the video. Kids are so hard to please these days.

Whether you can't wait for the new Apple Watch to hit stores or just want an instant trip down memory lane, you can still get your hands on one of these babies. The original Apple Watch is up for bid on and of course eBay.

So when the Apple Watch comes out this year, instead of revolutionary, it might actually just seem behind the times.

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